don't want icons installed on other's desktops

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by DL, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. DL

    DL Guest

    Can someone please tell me how I can keep WinXP Pro from installing icons on
    desktops of other multi-user folks who use the same computer as I? For
    instance, I just installed "Google Earth" for my useage only, yet the same
    icon shows up on all the other desktops. I DO NOT WANT the other users to
    be able to run all the programs that I install.

    Any advice?

    DL, Apr 6, 2007
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  2. DL

    DL Guest

    But it does not always ask that question. Some programs do, some don't.
    DL, Apr 6, 2007
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  3. DL

    DL Guest

    and here is another unwanted "feature". When the icon in question is
    deleted from the other desktop, guess what... it is deleted from mine also!!
    DL, Apr 6, 2007
  4. DL

    Evan Platt Guest

    When the program asks if you want to install for just you or for
    everyone, just say for you.
    Evan Platt, Apr 6, 2007
  5. DL

    pcbutts1 Guest

    Remove it from here C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop and replace
    it on your desktop by going to start programs and dragging it.


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    pcbutts1, Apr 6, 2007
  6. DL

    ellis_jay Guest

    Dave, are they not also in the start menu? Be that as it may, could you
    not drag the shortcuts to a folder and encrypt it when not in use? You got
    a logger huh? Or some porn or gambling link? Imm Monitor? Cain and Abel?
    What about cookies? What about MRU'S?


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    ellis_jay, Apr 6, 2007
  7. DL

    DL Guest

    wow. Now that really was too simple. Thanks.

    DL, Apr 6, 2007
  8. DL

    DL Guest

    none of the above. Just icons that would clutter the desktops of some
    computer users (okay, my wife and daughter) with much less computer savvy as
    I. I do not want them to see icons like "Studio Launcher" or "DVD
    Shrink".... etc, etc, etc.... because they have no clue what they even do.
    And I don't want them inadvertantly running them.

    That having been said, I saw the way to do what I was asking in an earlier
    response. Very simple.
    DL, Apr 7, 2007
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