Dolby Showcasing 5.1 Audio For High Definition At IBC

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    Dolby Showcasing 5.1 Audio For High Definition At IBC [Stand No 2.210]

    8th July, 2005,

    Dolby Laboratories will demonstrate audio for high-definition (HD) at
    this year's IBC exhibition, which takes place in September 2005 at the
    RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam.

    Dolby's booth will focus on the future of quality audio delivery for
    home entertainment, including high-definition television and
    high-definition packaged media.

    High-definition formats--used for both HDTV and packaged media--not
    only feature improved picture quality, but also excellent sound
    quality. Visitors to the booth will be able to experience a
    demonstration of HDTV programming with Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround
    sound. Dolby Digital is already the digital audio standard for HDTV in
    North America, and is currently used for a number of digital video
    broadcast (DVB) applications worldwide, including in Europe.

    Dolby's booth will also feature an overview of Dolby Digital Plus, a
    digital audio technology based at the core on Dolby Digital. Dolby
    Digital Plus is designed to meet the demands of future audio and video
    delivery systems, such as next-generation broadcast and HD packaged
    media formats. It features higher fidelity, more channel applications,
    and new coding efficiencies, while maintaining compatibility with
    existing Dolby Digital home theater systems. Dolby Digital Plus has
    been selected as a mandatory standard for the HD DVD format and as an
    optional standard for the new Blu-ray Disc.

    To demonstrate the application of Dolby technologies, the booth will
    include a range of HD-ready set-top-box products from Dolby's
    broadcast manufacture partners.

    Dolby will also demonstrate the Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter,
    a product that reflects Dolby's ongoing commitment to improving the
    audio experience in broadcasting. Differences in loudness levels
    between programmes, or between programmes and commercials, are a major
    annoyance to TV viewers. The LM100 simplifies program audio level
    measurement by quantifying the perceived loudness of dialogue within
    broadcast programming, and presenting the results in an
    easy-to-understand numerical format.

    Also at IBC this year, Dolby will support the conference's Digital
    Cinema, providing technical support and cinema equipment, including a
    Dolby CP650 Digital Cinema Processor and DMA8 Digital Media Adapter.
    The CP650 is the only all-digital cinema processor capable of playing
    back both digital and analog Dolby soundtrack formats. The Dolby DMA8
    Digital Media Adapter is a simple solution for equipping a cinema
    sound system ready for digital cinema and alternative program sources
    with digital audio such as live broadcasts.

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    Allan, Jul 8, 2005
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