Does such a camera exist?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by rocketman58, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. rocketman58

    rocketman58 Guest

    My wife wants to replace her old Pentex 35mm film camera. It has a
    35-115 zoom. She uses it as a point and shoot for family shots and

    Her criteria for a digital camera is:
    1) turn it on - point - snap a picture.
    2) very high image quality. (up to 8x10 - looks like it was from
    3) longer zoom would be nice.

    Oh, did I mention it has to be under $400 with accesories?

    What camera would you recommend? Or does such a camera exist?
    I was considering the Olympus C-740 (they are priced pretty low right
    rocketman58, Jun 9, 2004
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  2. rocketman58

    Ken Oaf Guest

    I'd go for a second hand Fuji 602.
    Ken Oaf, Jun 9, 2004
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  3. A Minolta S414 will do it and they are around $400 for the kit - or less
    - £199 in the UK right now. More point and shoot friendly than the Fuji,
    which requires some SLR-type know how and has a slightly off-putting
    viewfinder if you are used to compact cameras. But not a specially long

    Or two HP 5 megapixel cameras for the same money :)

    David Kilpatrick, Jun 9, 2004
  4. rocketman58

    Mark Weaver Guest

    There are probably a dozen or more cameras that meet those criteria. Almost
    any 3MP, 3X optical zoom compact camera on the market would do it for well
    under $400 -- if you look for a sale, you can probably find one for $200 or
    less. Dell, for example, is selling a Fuji A330 for $180 today.
    I would recommend you identify some candidate cameras and check the reviews
    on dpreview or other camera review sites (steve's digicams, imaging
    resource, dcresource).
    With respect to a C740--make sure your wife wants the longer zoom enough to
    put up with the electronic viewfinder. She might be happier with a 4X
    optical camera with a standard viewfinder (it would certainly be more like
    her current camera).

    Mark Weaver, Jun 9, 2004
  5. rocketman58

    Ken Oaf Guest

    Eh? With my 602 you turn it on, then point it at the subject and press the
    button. This is assuming it is set to auto everything. ;-)
    9X with a 1.5X teleconverter isn't too bad.
    Ken Oaf, Jun 9, 2004
  6. rocketman58

    Jeff Durham Guest

    Checkout Anything with 3 megapixels or better
    should work. I would probably go with 4 or 5 though in this case. Most of
    those compact cameras that support "3x" zoom should support point and shoot.

    Jeff Durham, Jun 9, 2004
  7. Hello, I just sold off my Canon G1 for $200 with a 32 meg card. It was in
    very nice shape. I t a 3.2 mp ps plus it had many manual features. The buyer
    is very happy with her first Digital camera.
, Jun 9, 2004
  8. rocketman58

    Paul W. Ross Guest

    Well, I have a pair of Pentax ZX-Ms that I use for film photography,
    semi-serious, as well as point-and-shoot family stuff, and also have
    that same zoom. I finally retired my medium format gear and got a
    digicam. After looking around, and wanting something not quite
    professional grade, with some capabilities of "manual" operation, as
    well as good resolution, I got the Olympus C-5000, which as various
    storage modes with all sorts of different resolution. I did get a
    bigger memory card, and a spare battery. Works for me..
    Paul W. Ross, Jun 9, 2004
  9. rocketman58

    bagal Guest

    Hi rocketman58

    Have you tied asking friends, family and colleagues?

    The reason I ask is becasue there does seem to be a very strong upsurge in
    digital camera owners.

    One particular (and local) effect I noticed is that people are buying on
    experiential basis I mean they go by poersonal recommendation of friends or
    family based on what the print outs look like.

    If any marketing bods are reading this I reckon a personal recommendation
    strategy may not be a bad thing at all.

    das B
    bagal, Jun 9, 2004
  10. rocketman58

    Paul H. Guest

    The Wizard's having a special on that camera right now in the Land of Oz!
    It's only $2.98 U.S., and a real gold brick from the famous Yellow Brick
    Road is included with every purchase!

    Just tell him Toto sent you and he'll knock 10% off his already
    too-low-to-print prices...
    Paul H., Jun 11, 2004
  11. rocketman58

    TheMage Guest

    I think the most salient point is the following criteria:

    [emphasis mine]

    .......the "Looks like it was from film" part is extremely dependent on
    the PRINTING quality, software and media. Think about how you're
    going to get the printout if that's what you're after. My 2MP Minolta
    Dimage X20 takes breathtaking pics when rendered on my computer screen
    (standard detail setting, 1600x1200 pixels). But the difference in
    quality when printed out is dependent on which printer I use and what
    ICC profile I have loaded while digitally correcting colors.

    If you don't want to spend a fortune, Adobe Elements is a good
    consumer level program that allows you to change ICC's and pick your
    Color Management options from quite a long list. It also lets you
    change the document resolution without recalculating the number of
    pixels (which leads to bad quality).

    However, you can find professional printers that will print pics at
    about 20 to 30 cents per print. If you send them a CD with 100 pics
    on it four times a year... well you can figure the math. That's way
    cheaper than film+developing+printing, in my opinion. A pro print
    shop will save you hours of time setting up printing options at home,
    and you'd have to use them for longer than 3 years to pay the amount
    you'd have to pay to get a decent printer at home. Plus, photo paper
    isn't cheap.

    The Mage
    TheMage, Jun 11, 2004
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