Does Epson's direct memory card printing suck?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Dogger the Filmgoblin, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. I don't have the R300 yet but I am considering buying it, and I have
    performed several test prints on it in the store from my Canon A75. I
    have the same problems: prints way oversaturated, swung way too far to
    the orange/yellow. Unfortunately, since I am using the store model,
    there are a lot more tests that I am dying to try but I can't, and I
    don't want to buy unless I know these problems are ironed out.
    However, I can always suggest my hypotheses to you. These all apply to
    card printing, because as I said I haven't ever hooked one into an
    actual computer.

    (a) I have tried printing with the onboard saturation control set one
    step downward. But I haven't tried with the saturation control set two
    steps downward. Any improvement?

    (b) In the onboard "More Options" controls there is also an "Automatic
    Correction" feature which presumably will read the image data and
    auto-correct before printing. I have tried this accidentally set to
    'PIM' (which shouldn't work because Canon doesn't support PIM), and I
    have tried it set to 'EXIF' (which should work) ... the prints were
    identical in either case. But I haven't tried with the automatic
    correction set to 'None'. If you care to try that, does it improve the
    memory card printing any?

    (c) Do the saturation controls have take effect only when 'Auto
    Correction' off? It is possible that manual settings for Brightness,
    Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness are ignored in favour the
    automatic process which covers the same territory. In fact I suspect
    this is true since the desaturation setting I chose seemed to have no
    impact on the image -- but I haven't been able to do a test.

    (d) Perhaps you could address another concern I have with memory card
    printing quality. If you print at the highest quality directly from
    your memory card (you can choose highest quality in the onboard
    controls), and also print at the highest quality from your computer
    software (perhaps use the Epson software so that the images will be
    identical), and then look at the dot grain VERY closely with a
    magnifying glass or a loupe, are the memory card printed dots any
    coarser or more obvious. I only ask because when I look at the R300
    output with my loupe and compare it to the output from my old Stylus
    Photo 780 (which is supposed to contain inferior technology with half
    the resolution), the dot grain is a lot more obvious on the R300
    printout. Since it makes no sense that Epson would downgrade their
    technology, I wonder if the memory card printing resolution is limited
    by not having a computer's vast memory available to calculate the
    finest colour dithering possible. Do you see a difference under a
    magnifying glass?

    These are important question that I have been investigating and don't
    yet have answers for. So far, you are the only other person I have
    seen who is asking them.
    Dogger the Filmgoblin, Aug 7, 2004
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