Documentation for Linksys PAP2-NA

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Vox Humana, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Vox Humana

    Vox Humana Guest

    I have the above mentioned ATA. The instruction manual that came with it (a
    33 page PDF on disk) is nearly worthless. It doesn't even mention most of
    the features and configuration options on the set-up utility. There are
    setting for two lines and two users. I have no idea how you specify a user.
    I don't understand how to use the calling features like call waiting. I
    don't know what some of the call forwarding settings mean, like "block last
    caller" and "accept last caller." Under "supplementary Service Setting" I
    don't know what "Block ANC Setting - Yes/No" means nor do I know what
    "Secure Call Setting - Yes/No" means.

    I know this is probably really transparent to most people, but I'm just not
    much of a phone junky and some of the set-up just isn't clear to me.
    Vox Humana, Mar 17, 2005
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  2. Vox Humana

    webmanco Guest

    Most of the configuration from the Sipura SPA 2000 can relate to your
    new device, so by reading both users manual you could get more hints.
    The provider you plan to use with the device can point you in the right
    direccion, for basic configurations what is needed it the proxy and
    username and password if your lan is behind a "NAT" network address
    translaton then is a different history. Go to ,
    click on support / fq then on configuration guide pick the sipura
    2000, it can give you a good start.

    webmanco, Mar 17, 2005
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  3. Vox Humana

    Kyler Laird Guest

    As I understand it, the PAP2 is essentially a Sipura SPA-2000. I'm told
    that Sipura has great documentation for it. They simply keep it out of
    the hands of users. (I don't like dealing with such hostile
    manufacturers and will switch as soon as something better arrives.)
    Those are beyond my experience too. I suggest poking around for Sipura
    info here.
    Are you finding that you need to change those settings? I usually leave
    SPA-2000 default settings except for a handful of things needed to get
    through some NATs.

    Kyler Laird, Mar 17, 2005
  4. Vox Humana

    Vox Humana Guest

    Thanks. I suspect that the box is essentially the SPA-2000 also. I don't
    really need to change the setting, but I would like to use the call
    features. I poked around using the administrative logon. There is a
    section called "regional" After looking at this, I now realize that most of
    the call features work like they do on the service offered by my POTS. I
    looked in the phone book, and sure enough, the setting match *68, *89, *77,
    etc. I never subscribed to these things, so they just didn't seem obvious.
    Vox Humana, Mar 17, 2005
  5. Vox Humana

    Vox Humana Guest

    Thanks for the link. I will look at the docs for the SPA2000. I did click
    on the "administrator" logon and select "advanced view." I found a section
    called "regional" that seemed to clarify how to turn on/off the call
    features like call forward all, caller ID bloc, etc. Looking in the front
    of an old phone book explained how to use the features --- Like I said, I'm
    not a power user when it comes to phones! Who know that "regional" had
    anything to do with distinctive ring or voice mail!
    Vox Humana, Mar 17, 2005
  6. Have you seen this?

    and in general:

    Also, Voxilla has a useful configuration wizard:

    Enzo Michelangeli, Mar 18, 2005
  7. Vox Humana

    Kyler Laird Guest

    Yes, I think I have that somewhere...maybe printed?
    The info I want is mostly about creating configuration files for automatic
    updates of Sipura devices. I configure my devices using a simple script
    (which uses the HTML forms over HTTP) but I'd like to be able to
    reconfigure those devices (which I can't reach if they're behind NAT) by
    simply uploading a new configuration file to an HTTP server.

    Kyler Laird, Mar 21, 2005
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