Document Auditing?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by smackedass, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. smackedass

    smackedass Guest

    Hello Yet Again,

    A customer of mine has an XP HE desktop computer. One version, am not sure
    which one, probably 2000, of the MS Office suite is installed.

    She tells me that there was an internal (i.e., employee, someone's
    signifigant other, etc.) breach a few months ago; she would like to know if
    there is any way to check the dates and times that particular Word documents
    and Excel spreadsheets had been accessed.

    I know that document auditing software exists, and how to find it. But my
    question to y'all is: is this something that you've ever had to use, and,
    does the auditing program have to be installed, first, or can it an audit be
    conducted after the fact? Is there anything that you can recommend? I'm
    curious about this one auditing&_kt=e43d4e73-e98e-490a-989a-a2320e3d43e8 .

    I am working under the assumption that the password to the computer itself
    was known to the individual, or that the computer was already logged into.
    So, I'm not looking for an "access denied" message, am looking find out,
    probably in log file form, the history of these particular files, when they
    were created, accessed, written to, etc.

    Any insights would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    smackedass, Jun 20, 2008
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  2. smackedass

    Andy Guest


    An update to XP Pro (assuming XP HE stands for XP Home Edition) might be
    easier and cheaper in the long run - it has auditing built in, for both
    successful and unsuccessful attempts of opening files/folders.

    Auditing after the fact is unlikely, if not impossible.
    Andy, Jun 25, 2008
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