do I have to have a windows OS to start a New pc when the mwssage no ntldr foun

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by darinsray, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. darinsray

    darinsray Guest

    Please help me load lindows onto a clean hard drive i keep
    getting no ntldr and ifso please tell me what are some
    easy floppy or disc formating utilities prior to loading
    lindows or linux....Please help for what its worth all my
    other machine are dedicated windows builds.. thanx

    Darin RAy
    darinsray, Apr 24, 2004
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  2. darinsray

    azimuth40 Guest

    Whoa I think that you need to do a little reading. ntldr not found i
    a message that you get if the disk was formatted with an NT based OS
    NT, 2K, XP. You will get it even if you have a floppy in the driv
    that was formatted by an NT based OS. Normally depending on th
    distribution you just boot the CD.

    If your system is not set up for a CD boot then you will need to g
    into the CMOS set up to configure it. If your system is so old that i
    can not handle a boot from CD then you will need a boot floppy.

    Linux uses a different file system and multiple partitions and it
    install routines should handle it for you. There are distribution
    that can co-exist using container logic. That may be your Installabl
    File System Option (IFSO) but who knows with the info that yo

    How you proceed next really depends on the specific details of what yo
    are trying to do. You could just down load a Knoppix ISO which is
    Linux distribution that runs from the CD to see if you even grok Linux

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    azimuth40, Apr 24, 2004
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  3. darinsray

    no one Guest

    if it is so old that it can't handle a boot from CD then
    it's probably too old to run W2K or higher! Ya gotta have
    some horsepower(read processor, ram) in order for it to
    work. and also a hd big enough to hold the os and your
    data (20 GB, minimum)
    no one, Apr 27, 2004
  4. darinsray

    azimuth40 Guest

    azimuth40, Apr 28, 2004
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