Do DNG readers age like RAW readers/converters??

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Davy, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Davy

    Davy Guest

    I understand that raw readers/converters are improving all the time and it
    is not recommended to use an older converter. Since DNG readers/converters
    do a similar job is it also true of them?

    I ask because I want to upgrade my Photoshop Elements 2 to 3 (the latest
    version that will run on my Windows 2000 PC) but am concerned that the DNG
    reader in PS Elements 3 may be out of date.

    Or am I getting confused? - the conversion from raw to DNG must be constant
    since DNG is a standardised format. So is it the Photoshop image editing
    that is important? In which case an old Photoshop would still present the
    same problem.
    My brain hurts!

    cheers, Davy
    Davy, Sep 29, 2007
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  2. Davy

    Alan Browne Guest

    If I read the Adobe site properly for the last Camera Raw (4.2),
    Elements 3.0 is not supported, so the most recent cameras (14 it says)
    are not in there.

    However, the free DNG converter from Adobe is always pretty much up to
    date with the latest cameras. I don't know if it runs on W.2000. The
    DNG output from there will work in PSE 3.

    For example, the DNG at test/A700 Macro Test/A700_Macro-ISO 200-DSC00030.dng
    ( 8.3 MB )

    is from the very recently released Sony A700 (converted in DNG converter
    from the Sony/Minolta RAW file), and it opens in Elements 3.0 (under Win

    Alan Browne, Sep 29, 2007
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