Do Any Image Viewers Besides Firehand Ember Support Directory Preivew

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Phil R, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Phil R

    Phil R Guest

    Firehand Ember has a nice feature that displays a directory with
    folder images showing subdirectories and one or more images from
    each subdirectory.

    For example if you keep multiple pictures of bridges, you can
    put all photos of a particular one in a subdirectory for that
    bridge and view a directory of subdirectories of all bridges and
    see one image for each bridge in a folder symbol in the
    directory. It is handy for locating things that you can spot
    visually but can't identify verbally.

    Do any other programs provide this function?
    Phil R, Jan 23, 2006
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  2. Phil R

    Paul Allen Guest

    A better question might be, "Which programs don't allow me to
    find all my pictures of bridges, so I can avoid those programs?" To
    my mind, the ability to locate all the images with a particular
    characteristic and show them together in some way is a fundamental

    Paul Allen
    Paul Allen, Jan 23, 2006
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  3. Phil R

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Many such viewers support a 'thumbnails' view. Not sure by your
    description if that is what you mean. The Faststone image viewer is one
    to check out, as well as Irfanview.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 24, 2006
  4. Phil R

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Humm. Paul do you know of ANY viewer that will manage to select and
    display all images of a bridge, without some tagging or naming
    function? If so, I would certainly be interested. PSE can match on
    similar colors, but this feature is not reliable, and certainly won't
    show me all the pictures of bridges unless I have tagged them so..
    Ron Hunter, Jan 24, 2006
  5. Phil R

    Phil R Guest

    Judging 1) from the reactions, 2) my own search which seems to
    be that the Firehand Ember alone seems to do this well, and 3) I
    think this is such an important functionality that I can't
    believe its 2006 and we are discussing a fundamental situation
    like this, let me restate the problem.

    I have 50 pictures from 25 different bridges. I want to find a
    particular one. I have little recollection of names or other
    verbal means of identifying one from the other. Key words or
    names are useless because I only stored limited data on them,
    and I can't remember names. However, I do remember each one
    because they look different in one way or another and my main
    mental point of reference for each is the image of it in my
    mind, about which all my recollections turn.

    Further assume that I have a directory called bridges and the 50
    photos are nicely organized and properly labeled in different
    subdirectories, which is where I put them from my camera.

    Suppose I found some new pictures of one particular bridge and I
    wanted to put them with the ones I already have.

    I could open the bridges directory, look at the 25 named
    subdirectories, and open one in a serial search until I found
    the one I was looking for.

    With the Firehand Ember solution, this isn't necessary. I open
    the bridge subdirectory, and I see not just 25 named
    subdirectories, but 25 named subdirectories, with icons, and,
    within each folder icon, a thumbnail from the directory, chosen
    in some not immediately obvious manner. Thus I see 25 bridge
    thumbnails all on one screen. I can instantly look at them all
    at once and see the one I am looking for and open the directory.

    I think his should standard.

    For those of who may have little interest in civil engineering
    and bridges and have minds elsewhere, the same principle applies
    to photos of blonds, brunettes, and red heads.

    I tried Faststore and noted it has basically the same thing. It
    displayed 4 preview thumbnails but they were too tiny to see,
    and I quickly got bogged down in other matters trying to
    evaluate it.

    I note one thing I don't like about Firehand Ember. You can't
    click and open a photo in an external editor, like you can in
    FotoAlbum, which doesn't have a good explorer functionality like

    Why is it with dozens of image viewer and organizer, someone
    didn't get it all together long ago?
    Phil R, Jan 24, 2006
  6. Phil R

    Ron Hunter Guest

    If you have the bridge pictures in a directory called 'bridges', then
    Irfanview 'thumbnail view' will do just fine for your purposes. Most
    programs that allow this type of view allow adjusting the size of the
    thumbnail images.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 25, 2006
  7. Phil R

    Phil R Guest

    If you had all 1,250 (=25 x 50) images in one directory called
    bridges, (note: this contradicts the hypothesis that they are
    organized in 25 subdirectories by bridge) you would have to
    serially search 750 images to find what you were looking for.
    With the Ember directory preview images approach, you only have
    to serially search 25 images, the preview image for each of the
    25 subdirectories. Looking at 25 images is less work than
    looking at 750. Also, you can look at 25 different ones
    simulataneously on one screen, something you couldn't do in a
    750 image directory.

    Suppose also that the numbers were not 25 x 50 but 250 x 50 =

    Irfanview provides viewer/player and some editing functions, but
    not explorer functions, although you can view a tree. If a
    directory has both images and directories, you do not see the
    directories on which to click to navigate down, and there is no
    up icon to go up a level.

    I've suggested explorer functionaility in the thumbnail to
    Irfan. If some more people would join me in requesting this, it
    might happen.
    Phil R, Jan 25, 2006
  8. Phil R

    Ron Hunter Guest

    It IS there! Select 'thumnails' from the menu and a window showing the
    'explorer-like' directory structure beside the thumnails (which you can
    set the size of) is displayed. Not sure what else you are expecting.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 26, 2006
  9. Phil R

    Phil R Guest

    At a minimum, little programming involved:

    1. An up command button, and short-cut key, to go up a level in
    the directory structure and view the contents of parent

    2. Directory icons that on which I can click to see the contents
    of child directories.

    Would be nice, but admittedly require more coding:

    1. A back button, to the screen that you viewed before.

    2. A forward button to go forward in the viewed chain.
    Phil R, Jan 27, 2006
  10. Phil R

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I believe that ACDSee has those features, but at a price... You can
    also do that with Photoshop Elements 3 and above. Also at a price.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 27, 2006
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