DNS problems with new active directory home lab

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Max, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. Max

    Max Guest

    I am studying for the 270 test as my first Microsoft exam. I am
    concentrating on XP Pro, but I need to setup a Server 2003 server that will
    be the domain controller, and DNS server, then later an RIS server for the
    The lab network is connected to a Linksys router that's connected to a cable
    modem. The Linksys also provides DHCP and internet access for the
    workstations on the network. I set up the server to have a static address
    and it also needs internet access.

    I have an XP workstation and a Win2k laptop.
    The Win 2k laptop is connected via wireless and when I try to join it to the
    domain I am prompted for a user name and password as expected. However, the
    XP workstation is connected to the Linksys router via an ethernet cable, and
    is unable to see the domain. (I would have expected to have more problems
    with the wireless Win2k laptop.)

    I was trying various DNS server settings and I can't get the XP Pro
    workstation to see the domain controller. I finally formatted the server
    and I'll try again later with all the default settings again.

    I really did not want to spend so much time configuring the server since I
    am just trying to do the workstation exercises for now.
    What are the minimum basic steps you need to do with the DNS server setup so
    that the computers on the network will be able to resolve the server's host
    name and join the AD? It looks like leaving everything at default doesn't
    Max, Oct 2, 2003
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  2. Max

    AT Guest

    Your DC should be connected to the cable modem and your Linksys router to
    your DC.
    The routers are normally set up with as their IP address and
    that could probably interfere with what you have for your DC. Also take the
    DHCP off the router and use your DC for DHCP. Good luck

    AT, Oct 2, 2003
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  3. Max

    Rick Guest

    I am going to go step by step.
    1) Connect you Linksys directly to the Cable modem
    2) Connect both you PC and your Server to the Linksys
    3) Use Internet explorer to go into you linksys router and look at you
    status. The status should tell you what the two DNS servers are for the
    internet. You will need this later to setup forwards on your 2003 Domain
    4) Install 2003 Server with a static IP address I think the router uses so set the server to use as the default
    gateway Set your DNS server to (yes that is the same IP as your
    DC which is correct)
    (these instructions are from a 2000 server Domain controller environment
    but should work with 2003)
    5) Run DC Promo or Active Directory wizard. When you choose a domain name
    use name.local where Name is any name you chose and .local. The .local
    signifies that it is not going to be used as an internet domain.
    6) run the MMC for DNS after AD has finished installing. If I Recall
    correctly you should only see a forward and reverse lookup zone for you
    domain. if you see something that is simple a period for the name you need
    to delete that so that you can setup forwarders. I believe the period
    signifies a root domain which you do not want!
    7) In the DNS MMC Right click on server name and go to properties from there
    click on forwarders. enable forwarders and put in the DNS address from your
    8) open your Internet explorer to check if it works. If you can browse the
    internet continue
    9) load DHCP and disable DHCP on the router.
    10) create a DHCP Scope for subnet mask is
    11) Exclude through (I would do this so you could
    add other static devices such as printers)
    12) set the DHCP scope options i.e. router ( DNS (
    13) Authorize DHCP server
    13) reboot you XP machine and see if it gets an IP address and can browse
    the internet.

    At this point if all is working you should be able to join you XP box to the

    These steps will work but there are many details I have left out. If you do
    the research to understand all of this you will be able to complete the
    task. It will also help you with server test which I expect you are also
    looking to take. Hope this helps

    Rick, Oct 2, 2003
  4. Max

    Max Guest

    I tried following those steps and it worked after I found out about
    authorizing the DHCP server and manually entering the gateway and dns server
    addresses so the DHCP server would assign those automatcially instead of
    only assigning an IP and subnet mask.
    Great. Both the wireless Win2k laptop and the wired XP Pro workstation can
    join the domain (but only if I add the .local to the domain name).
    Now I can go back to concentrating on studying XP Pro as long as the the
    server remains problem free from this point on.
    The machine I'm running the 2003 Server on is too noisy to keep running all
    the time, so I'll turn it off and reactivate DHCP through the Linksys
    whenever I'm not using it for lab exercises.
    Max, Oct 2, 2003
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