DNS not working

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Travis, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Travis

    Travis Guest

    I am hosting my own website on my computer using SmallSRV. I just
    finished setting it up and making my site, and it works fine in or localhost. I used to host my site on my dial-up dynamic IP
    connection, and it worked fine. Until I got TELUS ADSL with a static IP
    (I think, it hasn't changed a single time). I'm using port 80. I also
    have on port 80, which is my router but I have already
    tried that.

    DynDNS is set up to use my current IP ( to redirect from
    zentec.ath.cx. You can try these, it just fails.

    Is there a way to fix this? I'm using XP Home.
    Travis, Nov 15, 2006
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