Divx standalone player?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by canon paora, May 11, 2006.

  1. canon paora

    canon paora Guest

    What? Where? How much? What to watch out for and what not to buy?

    canon paora, May 11, 2006
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  2. canon paora

    Dave Taylor Guest

    free mediaplayer classic

    oh you mean dvd to tv players?
    Dave Taylor, May 11, 2006
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  3. canon paora

    Craig Sutton Guest

    One to plug into your tv set?

    EASY..PIONEER 383..does xvid ,divx etc and around $150
    Craig Sutton, May 11, 2006
  4. There are a fair few MPEG-4 capable or DivX certified DVD players
    around now. One that is DivX certified means that it will play all
    DivX files made with one of the standard DivX codec profiles, but if
    it only says MPEG-4 capable, that probably means that they were just
    too cheap to pay for proper DivX certification testing and will likely
    work just as well.

    I have a Philips DVP-642K/75:


    I think it may not be on sale any more, as it is a little old. The
    chipset it uses meets the minimum DivX certification, but nothing much
    more. So it will play DivX files with MP3, AC3 or MP2 audio, but not
    any form of PCM audio. It will also not play MPEG-4 (eg Xvid) files
    made with the Q-PEL or GMC options, or with MPEG quantisation instead
    of the usual H.263 quantisation. The defaults for recent Xvid codecs
    or the programs such as AutoGK that are often used to make Xvid files
    seem to often cause people to produce Xvid files with one or more of
    these options, so that around half of the Xvid files I have seen
    recently would not play and needed to be re-rendered. It can not play
    WMV files, even when they are made with the latest MPEG-4 based WMV9
    codec. So, it plays virtually all DivX files I meet, but Xvid can be
    a problem.

    It also has a bug where on some MPEG-4 files, the bottom of the
    picture flickers a bit. Usually this is just for the first few
    seconds of a file, but I have had one or two files where it was bad
    enough to make the file very hard to watch. I have not yet worked out
    what codec parameters or video content causes this.

    The other major annoyance with the DVP-642 is that it has a file
    selection screen that wastes a lot of space it could be using for
    displaying file names, so they are displayed truncated to only 10 or
    11 characters. The file names are displayed in all upper case,
    although they are ordered based on a full ASCII sort using both upper
    and lower case.

    The DVP-642 is not bad, but it could be a lot better. It was fairly
    cheap when I got it.

    There should be newer players available now that will support WMV
    files and more of the optional parts of MPEG-4 such as GMC and Q-PEL.
    And hopefully a better file selection screen. An example is:


    but I am not sure that is available in New Zealand.

    I think Samsung have MPEG-4 capable models, and Philips certainly do.
    Check out the DVD player listings on:


    They sometimes do not list NZ specific models, but they do have
    listings for most of what is available.

    Another alternative is to get a multimedia PC, but that is likely much
    more expensive. A Windows Media Centre PC, for example. Or this Linux
    based one, which looks rather nice:

    Stephen Worthington, May 11, 2006
  5. canon paora

    Zonky Guest

    Some Samsung models are a bit fussy about media.

    I recently purchased the HDMI connectable Philips DVP5900. It's the 3rd
    Mpeg4 player i've owned, and the picture is absolutely fantastic via hdmi.
    Component output is also excellent and it's probably one of the best DVD
    players i've owned.

    Zonky, May 11, 2006
  6. canon paora

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Discontinued model, I got mine as an ex-demo (off the shelf), without
    packaging, from my local Hill and Stewart for about $130 a couple months
    ago. (A guy called Gufiak (Google) does excellent cracked firmware for them,
    it makes a huge inprovement to usablility).

    However, the new Pioneer 393 looks very similar to the 383 and is around the
    same price-point.
    ~misfit~, May 12, 2006
  7. canon paora

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Wonder what they improved? hmm off to google it!
    Craig Sutton, May 12, 2006
  8. What happens when a new revision of DivX or XviD is released?

    Are these players still backwards compatible?

    I've been looking for a HDD recorder with DivX playback - or failing
    that a standalone DVD with DivX playback to run alongside it.

    However in the end I'm settling on my modded Xbox and XBMC - at least
    I know I can update XBMC when new formats are introduced.
    Jason Clinton, May 12, 2006
  9. As long as the new codec is still MPEG-4 standard compliant, it should
    be fine.
    Stephen Worthington, May 12, 2006
  10. canon paora

    Craig Sutton Guest

    You can update DVD player firmware by burning the firmware (from the
    manufacturer) to a blank dvd and playing it in your decoder. Not many people
    seem aware of this.

    Various forums and tutorial sites will teach you how as it differs per
    Craig Sutton, May 12, 2006
  11. canon paora

    El Penguino Guest

    Oh ? Which ones? I have had 4 different Samsung DiVX capable models
    and all accepted valid files on any media , including RW discs. I am
    using some el cheapo 50c DVD+R discs at the mo - no worries.

    Some files I have downloaded have needed to be run through Dr DiVX to
    be made valid, but thats where the RW discs come in handy.

    El Penguino, May 13, 2006
  12. canon paora

    canon paora Guest

    Where do I find one of them? I couldn't see it on the Pioneer site NZ
    or Aus. Where do I even find a 383?
    canon paora, May 13, 2006
  13. canon paora

    ~misfit~ Guest

    That is the question huh?

    Piuoneer NZ still list the 383


    also the Aus site:


    But you'll be lucky to find one anywhere in any shops.

    I'm yet to find a NZ home-appliance shop or chain with anything like a
    reasonable web presence, listing stock and prices. Sad really, I'm sure
    that, elsewhere in the world, this isn't the case.

    Maybe they don't intend to bring the 393 into NZ/Aus and are just phasing
    out the 383? After all, it is the budget end of the market.

    Here's a page that talks about the 393 (I'm having trouble with slow loading
    of US Pioneer sites ATM):


    Here's Pioneer Europe's site about the 393:


    So maybe we are going to miss out on these excellent, affordable models?

    I suggest you ring around any appliance shops in your local free-calling
    area and see if they have a 383 still sitting around. Although Pioneer NZ
    website lists them, the guy at 100% store rang them for me and was told that
    they are unavailabe as they've been superceeded. Hence me buying the dusty
    one from the display shelf, sans packaging.

    ~misfit~, May 13, 2006
  14. canon paora

    Nho Whei Guest

    Tharcolds are a distinct possibility, if you in Wellington.
    Nho Whei, May 13, 2006
  15. canon paora

    Craig Shore Guest

    I think that's Australian, so it shouldn't be hard to obtain.
    Craig Shore, May 13, 2006
  16. canon paora

    ~misfit~ Guest


    Stephen, I don't see your original post so I'm replying here.

    The reverse engineered firmware that "Gufiak" complied for the 383 and other
    Pioneer players really improve the file selection screen. A full 50
    charaters now instead of around 8 or 10 with Pioneer firmware.

    In fact, here's a cut'n'paste of the changelog for the Gufiak firmware. I
    was very impressed, it's like a whole new machine now:


    - fixed filename/directory displaying in filebrowser (many thx to cHiEsA)
    - displaying first 50 chars of filenames/directories in filebrowser
    - CP1250 chars displayed correctly in filebrowser and on OSD after pressing
    "Display" button
    - fully working volume under '1' and '4' keys on RC (hold these keys longer
    to change volume level) + displaying volume indicator on screen + saving
    volume level on turn off
    - MUTE under '7' key on RC (hold this key longer to on/off MUTE) +
    displaying indicator on screen
    - picture format switching (Letter box, Pan&Scan, 16:9) with '5' key on RC
    (hold this key longer to switch the picture format; works even during movie
    - VFD dimmer under '0' key on RC (hold this key longer to change VFD
    - shortened key delays on RC (for 2nd functions and repeatable keys - arrow
    - removed pioneer logo from screensaver, now it's blank
    - new features in "Audio" menu:
    * Treble Boost
    * Bass Boost
    * Super Bass
    - reorganized "Initial settings" menu
    - new option for digital output - "On / TEST"; This option was hidden and I
    don't know what is the difference between default "On" and this option, but
    if you could check it, then I'll be very thankful
    - new option in "Initial setting" -> "Video Output": "TV Type" (Multisync,
    PAL, NTSC) [restart your player to accept the new setting]
    - new submenu in "Initial settings": "Subtitles", and new options in it:
    * Subtitle colors - changes colors and background of MPEG4 subtitles
    * Subtitle position - changes the position of MPEG4 subtitles [Reload the
    disc (eject it and load again) to accept the changes]
    * IFO/VOB palette - changes the interpretation of VOBSUB (.sub+.idx)
    subtitles palette. For subtitles extracted from DVD use "RGB" palette, and
    for subtitles made by Son2VobSubMod app use the "YUV" option. [You have to
    turn off the movie resume (2 x stop) to accept the changes if you are
    changing it during the movie playback]
    - new feature in "Initial settings" -> "Options": "DVD Fast Start" - turned
    on causes that DVD-Video movies will be played without showing the FBI
    screens, ads, menus, etc. Player will jump directly to the main movie. But
    this feature can cause problems on some DVD-Video discs, in this case you
    should turn it off.
    - changed icons and some colors in the filebrowser
    - actual folder name displayed in white color"


    I particulatly like the way he's given the numbers keys extra functions that
    you used to have to go into the menu for, or that even weren't available
    before. The file viewer is just bliss compared with the original. With the
    original, because it truncated file names, it didn't always get sequentially
    mubered files in the right order, a real PITA when you have 12 episodes of,
    say a TV programme on a disc and the name is longer than 8 letters, followed
    by the series/episode numbers. (I actually had to burn a couple discs again
    with truncated file names so I could see which was what before). It's fixed
    now though. I also like the added audio options. An awesome deal for the
    $120-odd I paid for the 383 and the free firmware download.

    This guy should work for Pioneer, it was reading about his firmware that
    prompted me to buy the player in the first place. Previous to that I was
    using my DSE DVD/MPEG-4 player. It works perfectly fine (except the disk
    tray is very flimsy) but the menu for MPEG-4 files is really crappy, as the
    Pioneer one was before the firmware flash.

    ~misfit~, May 13, 2006
  17. canon paora

    GraB Guest

    I have the Samsung DVD-V540 combo which plays any DivX or Xvid I throw
    at in, on any media, including my Mitsubishi and Verbatim DVD+RW
    GraB, May 13, 2006
  18. Sigh :-( That really makes me wish I had a 383. Unfortunately, as my
    original post would have told you if you had been able to read it, I
    have a Philips DVP-642K/75.

    As an embedded programmer myself, I get very annoyed at the nasties
    that get perpetrated on buyers of all sorts of microprocessor
    controlled equipment every day. Some firmware is diabolically bad,
    and some just has little annoyances, but I rarely run across anything
    that I would actually consider to be good, let alone excellent,
    quality. It is pretty obvious sometimes that the programmers never
    use their own equipment. An 8 or 10 character file name limit is a
    case in point. Any programmer who would consider that adequate these
    days needs to be fired on the spot for suggesting it.
    Stephen Worthington, May 13, 2006
  19. canon paora

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Craig Sutton, May 13, 2006
  20. canon paora

    Don Hills Guest

    The current Noel Leemings junk mail catalogue (expires 23rd) lists the
    Pioneer DV383S for $179.99
    Don Hills, May 13, 2006
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