DIVX Player Video playing questions.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Helllo, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Helllo

    Helllo Guest

    I wish to burn like 6 Divx Movies on a -R dvd,and i was wondering if
    if the movies were in TWO files can i automaticly start the second
    Divx movie ?

    Would i need to make a CUE file before i burn the files on the DVD or
    can i tell the Divx player they they are one movie and to start
    playing the second one ???

    Just somthing i have not heard about and would like to know.

    Helllo, Jan 29, 2005
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  2. Helllo

    Netmask Guest

    DivX files are a form of AVI file. When you burn multiple avi files onto a
    DVD it like you are using a DVD blank as a big CDR- it is not a classic DVD
    video disc that you would buy in a shop etc. So there is no way that I have
    heard of writing a 'cue' track to tell the standalone player that 2 of the
    files should be played sequentially. Maybe it's possible to join the 2 files
    into one file but best to check on http://www.autogk.net/
    or http://forums.divx.com/eve?src=footer_forums_from_/index.php
    I regularly burn onto a DVD rewritable 5 episodes at a time of a favourite
    digital TV program. I play it back on my Zensonic which brings up a file
    menu showing the name of the episodes.
    hope this helps
    Netmask, Jan 29, 2005
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  3. Helllo

    Billy Joe Guest

    The LiteOn 2001 (which plays Divx, etc.) understands folders.

    Among its repeat options are: Disc, folder, track - in which
    cases the files in the selected type play consecutively and

    The unit also has an auto-play option which will begin
    consecutive play as soon as a disc is inserted. Play is
    alpha-sequential by folder/file. The next button on the remote
    will advance to the next alpha-sequential track and continuous
    consecutive play will continue from there. Using this option,
    the tracks do not loop.

    The time delay between tracks is negligible. If coincident with
    a scene change, it's imperceptible.

    Of note: the unit also provides a menu for and plays MPEG1 or 2
    in MPG containers, Xvid & MPEG4 in AVI containers, free standing
    JPEGs and/or MP3s and free standing VOBs in any folder beside
    \VIDEO_TS. Subtitles for AVI are supported (tho presently
    limited to one per disc). All of these can be in folders or
    not. If MP3 & JPEGs are on the same disc, you will be asked if
    you'd like the slides to be shown while the MP3s play. There is
    an option to set the slide changer time delay.

    Since this was the first of LiteOn's Divx-aware devices, I'm
    assuming that its later products with Divx capability have
    similar or even better features.

    Billy Joe, Jan 29, 2005
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