Disney Treasures 3 Delay: Tin Can Alley.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Scot Gardner, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Scot Gardner

    Scot Gardner Guest

    As we all know, Disney Treasures, Wave 3 has been delayed until May.
    Originally, this delay was blamed on lack of manufacturing capacity. I
    assumed that Disney was having trouble getting the DVDs replicated, but
    this does not appear to be the case:

    "After the delay became public, Internet rumors began circulating that
    the releases were pushed back because of racism in some of the war
    shorts from Walt Disney on the Front Lines. That release includes 32
    shorts made during World War II, including wartime propaganda films and
    educational films."

    "(BVHE VP of brand marketing Lori) MacPherson disputes that content
    concerns were an issue, however, saying the discs have already been
    replicated and will stay the same for the May release."

    So, if the delay is not due to racism and the disks have already been
    replicated, what's the holdup? It's the tin cans! There will be a
    6-month delay because Disney used a tin can gimmick on its initial
    Treasures release:

    "Although the studio could replicate enough DVDs to meet demand for the
    December release, the tin case packaging that all Disney Treasures have
    been released in could not be reproduced in time, said MacPherson."

    ""We thought it would really be a good idea to move this release out to
    order more tins and make enough product to meet demand," she said."

    Scot Gardner, Nov 16, 2003
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