disk i/o error replace the disk and press any key

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Bryan Henderson, May 3, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know what this error message means? I have tried a Google search
    but Google isn't working properly for me tonight. TIA.
    Bryan Henderson, May 3, 2004
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  2. Bryan Henderson

    °Mike° Guest

    That's not surprising. Now try posting again, only
    this time post the question in the body, and post
    the EXACT error message, what your computer
    is doing at the time of the error, and some details
    about your operating system/hardware.
    °Mike°, May 4, 2004
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  3. What isn't surprising? I wasn't using that PC to access Google but my
    laptop. I found that for the first time many pages were not found when the
    links were clicked on.

    Anyway I posted this message very late at night and didn't have time to do a
    full write up. My PC had started acting strangely and was locking up very
    easily when only a few programs/windows were open. On the restart it always
    wanted to run Scandisk twice and the full scandisk in March took me over 30
    hours with no bad sectors reported. however last night it reported at least
    11 before it decided to have a break (and presumably a kit-kat :) ) It did
    advise me to run scandisk again.

    Whenever I could get into windows it was acting oddly but finally I couldn't
    seem to get into windows and was getting the error message "disk i/o error
    replace the disk and press any key" so I disconnected the drive and
    connected an old 2 Gb Maxtor that I hadn't used for a while. I formatted
    this and then installed windows on it and for some reason decided to run
    scandisk on it as I seem to remember it had bad sectors on it once. Before
    scandisk had finished this disk started to play up and froze. When I
    rebooted I got the exact same error message as before and in DOS I could see
    that all the data had been lost on this disk.

    My system is
    AMD 1600 XP with
    Gigabyte GA 7VA mobo
    512 DDR RAM
    Jetway NVidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card
    Soundblaster live 5.1
    Network card
    DVD RW

    Today I acquired a new Western Digital 120 Gb harddisk to replace the
    Samsung 120 Gb one. The Samsung seems ok as a slave and I have copied files
    from it prior to sending it back.

    From Google I got the impression that it might not be the HD that was faulty
    however as it is only six months old the shop is happy to swap it under
    warranty. I still like to try and understand what really went wrong for
    future reference. Ever since I loaded Norton Internet Security in January
    the PC hasn't shut down properly and I always had to pull the plug on it so
    to speak. It then always wanted to run scandisk on startup (often twice), so
    on Saturday I removed NIS and the PC then would shut down ok. I have never
    had a problem with NAV BTW.
    Bryan Henderson, May 4, 2004
  4. Bryan Henderson

    Guest Guest

    Mike was having a dig at your computing ability. I fear that
    is nothing to the dig he is going to have at mine - I
    plonked him in error thinking he was an evil clone :).
    That is going to be my excuse too.. :)
    Scandisk taking a long time is not unusual.
    That is good of them. I am surprised that they didn't say
    you would have to send it back under warrranty.

    I still like to try and understand what really went wrong for

    I hope that the "not shutting down properly" is an unrelated
    problem, as you do say you were getting this on a fresh
    install of Windows. I hope that your main problem is as
    simple as overheating the drive(s) or having a flaky power
    supply (you do have two hard drives and two optical drives,
    the power soon adds up) or a faulty IDE cable.
    Guest, May 4, 2004
  5. Bryan Henderson

    °Mike° Guest

    "I have tried a Google search but Google isn't working properly
    for me tonight."

    Since you couldn't word your question in a human-understandable
    way, it's not surprising that you had no luck on Google.

    If you still have the drive, run the maker's diagnostics
    utility on it.

    °Mike°, May 4, 2004
  6. Bryan Henderson

    °Mike° Guest

    Don't ever presume to speak for me. I was doing no
    such thing.
    °Mike°, May 4, 2004
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