Disk bad sectors & Ghost 9.0

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by John, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. John

    John Guest

    I purchased a new 300 gig HDD, and partitioned it as a 60gig and a 220gig.
    I moved most of my files to the new drive in order to reduce the size of the
    operating system. I ended up with just 30 gig.
    Then I took a Ghost image & saved it to the new drive.
    The idea was to put the 30gig on the new 60gig partition, but Ghost keeps
    failing to put the image back.
    I then tried maxblast to copy the 30gig C to the new 60gig F
    This completed, but said 3 files that were not needed could not be copied.
    I tried to boot from this, but windows started, then just displayed an XP
    logo and did not load the OS. I even tried booting from a windows CD and
    using the recovery console, but it did not recognise a valid windows system.
    (I should have tried to make a new boot ini, but did not)
    For some reason my 30gig on my 200gig C had now gone to 90gig. I used tree
    size pro to look at why, but it stated 30gig, I used chkdsk from the
    recovery console, but it remained the same.
    Nortons disk doctor now shows 60gig of bad sectors!
    If I try and use Ghost, it wants to copy 90gig, all I want to copy is the
    good 30gig.

    Anyone got any ideas how to fix the bad 60gig, and just leave the good
    30gig, so I can have a go at getting Ghost to make another image. If I took
    an image at the moment (even assuming I had the space), I would end up with
    60gig of crap (I think)

    In short I want to transfer my 30gig operating system to a partition on a
    new drive, but at present it is too big.

    If I use Maxblast again, will it try and copy bad sectors as Ghost wants to
    John, Aug 18, 2005
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