Disconnect between Kalani 70-315 and Self Test Software 70-315?

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by bsarka, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. bsarka

    bsarka Guest

    After 3 months of careful study using the Kalani big book I've begun to
    practice with Self Test Software.
    I find that there are *many* questions on the STSware exam that are not
    covered in that book.
    So I wonder - which is the better preparation for the actual exam?
    bsarka, Apr 6, 2005
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  2. bsarka

    cdn Guest

    I came to rely less on the books and more on selftestsoftware and product
    documentation such as MSDN Library. The selftest exams are harder than the
    real thing and provide a great framework for self study.
    cdn, Apr 6, 2005
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  3. bsarka

    bsarka Guest

    Good input, and I begin to think the same way.
    For those with experience with both how does the MeasureUp practice
    exam compare to SelfTestSoftware practice exam for accuracy and
    bsarka, Apr 13, 2005
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