Disabling stupid flash avatars in msn?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Richard, May 14, 2005.

  1. Richard

    Richard Guest

    A few people I talk to on msn have actually paid for some stupid flash animating

    These are pissing me off, and they keep reappearing even tho I hide them. Whats
    a way to get rid of them for good?
    Richard, May 14, 2005
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  2. Richard

    Thor Guest

    Have you tried using amsn instead ?
    Thor, May 14, 2005
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  3. Richard

    Shane Guest

    tell them you slept with their girlfriends/sisters <G>
    Shane, May 14, 2005
  4. Richard

    steve Guest

    Don't use MSN. That should fix it once and for all.

    (Well.....YOU asked.)

    or use an MSN client that doesn't support them. Like Kopete on Linux.

    Joe Friday says: "The text ma'am....Just the text".
    steve, May 14, 2005
  5. Richard

    Peter S Guest

    Hmm, not sure what you are talking about. The 'stupid flash animating
    avatars' are probably winks... you don't have to pay for them. Choose
    Tools/Options/Messages and disable 'Play winks automatically when they are
    received'. This stops them. You still see when one is sent to you, it just
    doesn't play.

    Perhaps you are talking about the little icons that are associated with the
    names... you do pay for dynamic versions of these but they are not done
    using flash and they aren't particularly intrusive, however
    'Tools/General/Displaying my contacts' has a number of options for
    suppressing these too.

    You say these options reenable. You are probably doing something that most
    people don't such as having multiple profiles, or multiple logins. You will
    have to disable these for each login and each profile.

    If its not that, then upgrade your Messenger to be the latest version
    7.0.0813. It definitely works on that version as I have it installed,
    otherwise it is something to do with your own computer being messed up, not
    the software.

    Peter S, May 14, 2005
  6. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I have since found that its called a meego. It shows where the display picture
    would. Its definatly using a flash like technology to display them.
    I click the arrow to hide the thing, it hides - 5 mins later I look at the
    window and its appeared again. I dont like having things that move needlessly on
    screen as I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye.
    Richard, May 15, 2005
  7. Suddenly, Richard sprang forth and uttered these pithy words:
    If you like a more lightweight IM experience, download Miranda. Free,
    open source, and can communicate with all the major protocols (MSN, ICQ,
    AIM, etc). It's very basic; I like it :)
    Aaron Lawrence, May 15, 2005
  8. Richard

    Steve Guest

    12 bore
    Steve, May 16, 2005
  9. Richard

    PAM. Guest

    Use a different IM with MSN capabilities.

    PAM., May 16, 2005
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