Dimdows Media Center a Flop?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jul 18, 2009
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  2. Hi there,
    Pointless Lawrence, absolutely pointless...

    I still prefer Media centre in Vista to the mess that is MythTV.
    MythTV is fine for geeks with enough time on their hands to try
    and set it up (which is confusing and a lengthy process), but
    for me media centre just does what it should. Meanwhile in my
    latest distro MythTV is not working, and previously when it did
    work I had to tear hair out to figure out how to get it working.

    Popularity isn't everything, and even if you tell me MythTV is
    popular who is it popular with? A bunch of tech-savvy Linux
    guys, thats who. Certainly not the general PC using public...

    Kind regards,

    Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
    Chris Wilkinson, Jul 18, 2009
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  3. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    JohnO Guest

    If you are running windows, GBPVR is the best IMHO.
    JohnO, Jul 18, 2009
  4. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Gordon Guest

    MythTV is a whole Linux distro on its own, as in get one and install it.
    MythDora (out of Fedora) is great. Just follow the instructions on the
    screen. Of course you need to know what values to put in but that is needed
    no matter what OS/pgm you use.
    Well there is at least one commerical system based on MythTV.

    Still choice is great eh?
    Gordon, Jul 18, 2009
  5. No it's not.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jul 18, 2009
  6. Hi there,
    Vista MCE asked me where I lived. It then could download channels
    for my area, and TV listings. Very simple. MythTV sent me on a
    wild goose chase setting up mysql, xmltv, remotes, channels etc.

    I'm not in a position to repartition my hard drives just to allow
    the installation of one particular software that still will need
    me to spend a long time configuring. It should be as easy as me
    telling the software where I live. The software should be able to
    find the DVB-T card, download the list of channels for my location,
    set up the mysql db, set up and grab the xmltv listings, and then
    just let me watch and record TV. Vista MCE is much more friendly
    in that regard.
    Yes, finely tuned and set up ready to go for the intended
    market. That comes at a cost - the hardware its installed
    on. For those wanting to install on an existing system they
    will have to do the set up themselves.
    Choice is great but it helps if the alternatives hold their
    own against the established fold - in the case of PVR and/or
    media centre style software MythTV loses badly against Vista
    MCE and its variants, due to its over complex setup and lack
    of user-friendliness. I like XBMC (some killer interface themes)
    but that is yet to get a PVR style module.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
    Chris Wilkinson, Jul 20, 2009
  7. Vista MCE supports Australia, but not New Zealand.
    Complex setup, yes indeed MythTV has big problems there. User
    friendliness once set up? MythTV is great. And much more powerful
    than MCE.
    Stephen Worthington, Jul 20, 2009
  8. Hi there,

    So bitch to Microsoft NZ about it. You wont get what you want by
    bitching about it in here...
    I tend to disagree to a degree. The process of updating your channel
    listings I believe is totally separate to running MythTV itself I
    believe? Simple things like that kill it for me. I want to just run
    the frontend, and watch/setup recordings, not have to bugger around
    making sure I've got the most recent listings.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
    Chris Wilkinson, Jul 21, 2009
  9. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    JohnO Guest

    It's not Microsoft's problem. The problem is that SkyNZ will not
    provide their EPG data whereas the Aussie pay TV companies do. Sky are
    tying to monopolise the PVR market with their MySky product.

    However as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, there are good sources
    of EPG data available and utilities to shoe-horn the data into your
    HTPC application be it MythTV, MCE, GBPVR, MediaPortal or whatever.

    Did I mention that GBPVR is best?
    JohnO, Jul 21, 2009
  10. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    victor Guest

    Its great, but its faster to download the programmes I want to watch
    than record them in real time with a PVR PC whatever the flavour.
    I've built up several, all the ones you mentioned, figured out the epg
    ripping etc, now I just download what I want, watch in in a media
    player, Handbrake it for the iPod, stick it on the netbook. The tuner
    component and the epg just gets more redundant and difficult to manage.
    It was fun, but the tuner cards are just being used to watch real time
    FTA channels once in a while.
    victor, Jul 21, 2009
  11. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    JohnO Guest

    All good but can you download stuff such as the rugby, golf etc that
    is on Sky Sports?
    JohnO, Jul 21, 2009
  12. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    victor Guest

    No, but I'm just not that into recording TV sport enough to subscribe.
    I like those Red Bull aeroplane races though, maybe I will look for a
    torrent of them.
    victor, Jul 21, 2009
  13. No, that is a setup issue. One you have the EPG grabbing working, it
    runs automatically.
    Stephen Worthington, Jul 21, 2009
  14. You are obviously not watching HD programs then. You could not afford
    to download them (TV3 1080i is 5.0-5.2 Gibytes per hour). So you are
    missing out on what HD gives you.
    Stephen Worthington, Jul 21, 2009
  15. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    victor Guest

    I'm over it.
    victor, Jul 21, 2009
  16. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    impossible Guest

    Watching videos in a media player is primitive technology. If you can't
    afford a PVR system, that's one thing, but don't make try making a virtue
    out of necessity.
    impossible, Jul 21, 2009
  17. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    victor Guest

    Flame away doofus you just make a dick of yourself every time you start
    trolling here.
    victor, Jul 21, 2009
  18. As it happens, I agree ( :) ) ... but repsonses like that will quickly get
    you into the same category. Better just ignore it - don't feed them and
    they'll go away. :)
    Bruce Sinclair, Jul 22, 2009
  19. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    impossible Guest

    If you have no intelligent response, I understand. That's just you.
    impossible, Jul 22, 2009
  20. Have you ever watched an HD program?
    Stephen Worthington, Jul 22, 2009
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