Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) questions

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Michael A. Covington, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. (1) Is the Digital Rebel instruction manual available on line anywhere?

    (2) What is the longest exposure that the shutter will time? 30 seconds?

    (3) How do you make exposures longer than that? Does it have a B or T

    (4) What are the electrical requirements for making a cable release for the
    Digital Rebel? Do you just close a switch across a pair of contacts (as on
    the Nikon F70/N70 film camera), or is it more complicated than that?
    Michael A. Covington, Oct 19, 2004
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  2. Michael A. Covington

    Matt Ion Guest

    There is a Bulb setting.
    Two pair of contacts, actually: one to initiate the autofocus/exposure
    (same as pushing the shutter button halfway), the second to trigger the
    shutter (pushing the button all the way). They connect to the camera
    via a 3/32" TRS (tip-ring-sleeve, aka "stereo") sub-mini plug. Wiring
    diagrams are readily available all over the 'net, as well as plans to
    interface it to various timers, computer connections, etc.
    Matt Ion, Oct 20, 2004
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  3. Are you sure? I have not actually been able to download it there. I'll
    keep searching.
    Outstanding! The Digital Rebel seems to be a hacker-friendly camera (in the
    good sense of hacker), and to have attracted quite a following. It's *just*
    cheap enough that people have been able to experiment with it without fear
    of destroying a multi-kilobuck professional camera. I know about the
    Russian firmware hack and the Hutech infrared filter modifications. I want

    I'm already thinking about building an astronomy exposure timer...

    Clear skies,

    Michael A. Covington
    Author, Astrophotography for the Amateur
    Michael A. Covington, Oct 20, 2004
  4. Michael A. Covington

    Savidge4 Guest

    (1) Is the Digital Rebel instruction manual available on line anywhere?
    Go through the site selecting the camera you want, then select the "Support"
    tab and from there, you can download the manual.
    Hope that helps!
    Savidge4, Oct 20, 2004
  5. Michael A. Covington

    andre Guest

    I am not able to find it right now but I have downloaded it from their
    site before. If you can not find it let me know I will email it to you.

    andre, Oct 20, 2004
  6. Michael A. Covington

    Matt Ion Guest

    Here's where I found it:

    * Link "Americas"
    * Link "Canon Canada"
    * Link "English"
    * Link "Downloads" (top menu bar)
    * Link "Consumer Products"
    * Digital Camera pulldown -> Digital Rebel
    * Link "Click here to download Manuals and User Guides."
    * (Popup Window) Radio button: "English manuals"
    * Link "EOS DIGITAL REBEL/EOS 300D DIGITAL Instruction Manual
    (PDF, 3.48MB) EOSDR300DIM-EN.PDF"

    If you still can't download it, I can email it to you, as it just
    successfully downloaded for me...
    Matt Ion, Oct 20, 2004
  7. Thanks. That worked (in IE, not in Opera). I couldn't find it on the
    United States link and had not yet tried other countries.
    Michael A. Covington, Oct 20, 2004
  8. Michael A. Covington

    Mr Jessop Guest

    been looking for the flash 550ex flash gun. doesn' t seem to be on canadas
    Mr Jessop, Oct 23, 2004
  9. Michael A. Covington

    Matt Ion Guest

    If you're in Western Canada, you likely have a London Drugs in the
    area... their website lists the 550EX at $699.88 (currently
    out-of-stock, of course). lists the 550EX at $799.99;
    order online with free shipping.
    Matt Ion, Oct 23, 2004
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