Digital Image Recovery and Memory Stick Recovery; Recovery of Lost Photos

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  1. Lost Your Digital Pictures? Recover Them - Are you a professional
    photographer or any other specialist w corrupt digital images, an end
    user with missing photos?

    Lost Your Digital Pictures?
    By: Web Pub Press - Aug, 2004

    Lost Your Digital Pictures? - - Now with recovered
    image instant download. (Download your images immediately once they
    are recovered)

    Are you a professional photographer with corrupt digital images or an
    end user with missing photos? Whatever your situation – professional
    photographer, marketing agency, journalist, even security specialist –
    if you use a digital camera and have images you just can't retrieve,
    you absolutely must check out the new service, Image-Recover©, offered
    by is one of the largest media card and digital camera
    recovery companies in the United States. The company's Quality
    Assurance Technical Manager, Bruce Cullen, and his team have a wealth
    of experience in file recovery. For several years they have provided
    technical support to a wide variety of digital camera users, and the
    new Image-Recover© process will only serve to increase the benefits
    for their customers.

    The unique Image-Recover© process salvages lost images from a wide
    variety of corrupt, deleted, or damaged media:

    . SmartMedia
    . CompactFlash
    . Memory Stick
    . MMC-SD
    . MiniSD
    . PCMCIA
    . Microdrive
    . SD or PC Card image storage devices
    . USB Sticks Recovery
    . iPod Recovery
    . iStick Recovery (Intelligent stick)

    According to Cullen, the exclusive service has been able to recover
    95% of all lost images.

    "Many people do not realize that this service is

    Many people do not even realize that this service is available. Just
    last month, was contacted by a new mother through email.
    She had pictures of the delivery of her newborn, but had somehow lost
    the images. She found Image-Recover© via an Internet search, and to
    her great delight, they quickly re-produced her incredible photos.
    Without this service, she would have never been able to share those
    astonishing pictures with her child later in life!

    "I am surprised major camera retailers and large established card
    manufacturers ask their clients to surf the net looking for digital
    image recovery sites; they could send them directly to us. We could
    provide the service on some sort of an outsourcing basis; this would
    be a huge win/win situation for everyone involved. The retailers and
    manufacturers keep their customer goodwill; we get to provide the
    service; and the customer gets to have their images restored," notes

    The idea behind this digital image recovery service was developed by
    Cullen, the owner of the search engine optimization firm, when his wife's digital images were lost during a
    trip to Europe. Whether the Memory Stick was corrupt or something in
    the airport scanners affected it, he knew the problem could be fixed
    when after only a second try, he was able to salvage all of the
    pictures. Like Cullen himself, many people are in need of digital
    image recovery. Without any publicity at all, the site has begun
    receiving an unprecedented increase in the number of hits daily. From
    January 2004 to August 2004, traffic to the site has multiplied by an
    average of over 700%.

    The firm is thrilled with the level of customer satisfaction it is
    able to provide. As Cullen notes, "I have never heard so many ecstatic
    responses. When we tell customers we were able to get their images
    back, the response is not just, 'Ok. Great; how much do we owe you?'
    It is more along the lines of 'No way! Are you serious? Fabulous!'"

    According to Cullen, most people think the technology is so
    complicated that the images are gone. However, sees it
    as easy when handled by a dedicated professional. The company
    cherishes making phone calls telling customers their images are back.
    "It's a good feeling when the customers thank us several times before
    we get off the phone. They just love the news! We know we are
    providing a valuable service when this happens."

    One point Cullen notes as very important is that you shouldn't tamper
    with the storage device. If you just can't retrieve the images,
    preserve the device in as close to the original condition as possible.
    This increases the likelihood of Image-Recover© being able to rescue
    the digital files.

    To learn more about this extraordinary service, check out their web
    site, or call (714) 225-9700. You can contact
    customer service by emailing .

    "What customers say about our services?"

    Critical evidence images recovered for Indiana Sheriff's

    ORANGE COUNTY, California, Aug 26 ( - Digital Image
    Recovery service, Image-Recover® by, successful in
    recovery once again. In a recent recovery completed for an Indiana
    County Sheriff's Department, was able to retrieve
    evidence photos that are vital to a successful conviction in a
    currently pending criminal court trial. The key Sargent, whose name
    must be kept confidential, tried contacting Sony, the manufacturer of
    the Memory Stick, for help. However, even the "Manufacturer" of the
    card was unable to provide their customer with support on their own
    product. In a letter received by, the Sargent states,

    "When I contacted Sony for advice I did not get much help. The three
    levels of 'Help' I spoke to had no idea what the problem was. I found
    it hard to believe the camera would give a specific error code and no
    one from Sony had any idea what it meant." - Sargent XXXXX

    Image-Recover®, on the other hand, was able to quickly and accurately
    restore sixty (60), out of the requested fifty (50), extra-high
    resolution images within 24-hours. So why are major manufacturers and
    camera retailers unable to help their clients with data recovery
    issues? One reason may be that offering such a service takes up a lot
    of time and resources; hiring technicians, management, hardware, et
    cetera. Another reason is that due to the number of different media
    storage formats, it may not be very profitable for a manufacturer to
    offer such services.

    What can you expect in the future? Cullen says customers should soon
    be able to not only have the images recovered but have their images
    printed on photo paper and mailed to them. will also be
    adding image editing services so that customers can improve the
    quality of their recovered images. "Another frequent request by
    customers is the possibility of having the recovered images downloaded
    on a secure site. this will be available soon.

    One question still remains, what happens to clients needing Digital
    Image Recovery services? Are they left in the dark, with no help? Or
    are they being sent on a endless quest of surfing the Internet for
    help? A simple answer to those questions is, the Digital
    Image Recovery experts.

    Services all markets, past clients do include JPL (NASA), White House
    Representatives, Military and more. See client list at
    Digital Image Recovery, Sep 10, 2004
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