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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by b.saa, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. b.saa

    why? Guest

    Not kidding (that's 7 point 5) , the guy had complaints against him from
    the other IT staff for months. What's the expression?? Everybody else
    had to carry him, due to his incompetence.

    We had a new DNS setup turned on at the weekend. Complaints this morning
    and I am still waiting for my admin rights to get in.
    Mine works fine , thank you very much. It's the test engineers pumping
    out 1000's of multicasts / second that's the issue :) oddly enough the
    source and destination are the same PC, but they have to flood it
    everywhere else.
    We were a mainly HP printer site for a very long time 8+ years and a few
    100 of them, a lot of DM, Lasers and standalone print servers. Not an

    One thing we did is disable the unused protocols. A few Apple users had
    1 HP with Appletalk enabled. DLC was left on for the larger dept
    printers, for the Jet Admin / Web based remote access. So it' was 98%
    TCP/IP only.

    We did have some jerk get a worm inside the WAN, this caused a problem
    with some Kyocera printers. They had NetBEUI and looked similar to a
    Windows PC in that respect. On some of the printers the NIC firmware all
    the same version hung up when the worm activated.

    Spotted this using a packet sniffer.

    We are taking a country wide WAN and physically splitting it for
    commercial reasons. Hence the comments throughout the earlier replies.
    Ah big Cisco's lots of fun. Can't promise anything, what models?

    You want to have a wander around www.cisco.com , lots of command
    references and setup guides, tutorials.
    Some bits there require a login, like downloading new software images. I
    guess it's something you won't be doing :)

    At the most basic you will need telnet , with the IP address or a serial
    port dumb terminal to access the devices (assuming all Cisco) and the
    enable password to see the configuration with -

    Most Cisco kit also has a serial console port, using the supplied blue
    rollover cable, this should work with any dumb terminal software like
    The console port connection can be password protected as well.

    Cisco IOS , is the name of the software , there are quite a few

    Once connected to the box, I prefer HyperTerm set to capture to a file.

    By default the info you need is password protected and at the enable

    As a pure example only, once connected.


    Router#show version

    Router#show running-config

    There should be a line or 2 like this

    Interface Vlan1
    ip address <ip> <subnet mask>

    or it may have

    no ip address


    Please read the online docs first.

    <big snip>

    why?, Feb 13, 2006
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  2. b.saa

    Mara Guest

    I didn't mean you. I meant him expecting people to believe him. What a dork.
    I've gone through the machines and cleaned the malware off, but haven't had time
    to do much of anything else. I suspect something like this happening may explain
    some things.
    Everything I have is TCP/IP, AFAICS. We have quite a few printers, but only two
    that do this - a 4200n and a 4300n. I don't consider it much of an issue since a
    simple reboot restores the connection, but there are a few people who don't like
    to take the minute or two it takes to reboot.
    We haven't had a malware incident since I cleaned the machines last April. Every
    single one except one were infected with multiple instances of worms, etc.. All
    but four of the machines were running Norton, the rest, McAfee. I removed both
    and installed Kapersky.
    Good idea. Ethereal?
    BIG "fun," then. You have my sympathies.
    I don't even know that. They're locked up in a closet in the CFO's office, and I
    don't have access to it. Yet.

    Nice way to run a network, eh?

    <snipped immensely valuable stuff>

    Archived! Thanks. You'll never know how much I appreciate this. :)
    Mara, Feb 13, 2006
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  3. b.saa

    Toolman Tim Guest

    In why? spewed forth:
    That's not a hobby - that's an obsession <g>
    Toolman Tim, Feb 14, 2006
  4. b.saa

    Mara Guest

    Ewwwwwwwww. <g>
    Mara, Feb 14, 2006
  5. b.saa

    Toolman Tim Guest

    In Mara spewed forth:
    Heh - heh - my point exactly ;o)
    Toolman Tim, Feb 14, 2006
  6. b.saa

    why? Guest

    Only 2 of thes on site AFAIK, maybe if I see something in my Google
    travels :)
    Yes, I also have the costly NAI Sniffer Pro. It does a lot of nice
    things , it's used in conjunction with Ethereal. Filtering / Captures /
    Monitoring with Sniffer Pro and analysis with Ethereal.


    I don't recall having to discover Cisco kit under that type of setup.

    Doh , now it's suggestions ,as it's always easier to be there and see
    what can be seen :)

    If you have a sniffer and CDP on the Cisco's is enabled you should see
    CDP packets.
    when access is provided to the device command prompts then the info on
    the URL above to display neighbour devices is very handy.

    Check the Kiwi Cat Tools ,
    the free version isn't up to much but if it has the report option you
    can scan a range of IPs and see if it detects the Cisco kit. Could
    depend if you know the SNMP community strings.

    Manuals and Help
    Look for Reporting Version Tables

    why?, Feb 14, 2006
  7. b.saa

    why? Guest

    I am in trouble then, what's this count as?

    Windows 2000 Pro Tower , 1Gbps LAN.
    Windows NT4 Server Tower, 1 Gbps LAN.

    AMD 64 - multiboot , Win XP32bit , Win XP64bit, Vista 64bit, Windows
    2003 Server x64, at one time also Linux x64 , 1Gbps LAN.

    On various 10/100 Mbps bits of the LAN

    Solaris 9 x86 Desktop
    Windows 2000 Laptop
    Windows 98 Laptop

    Windows XP Wireless, Wireless Router, Wireless AP.

    8 port repeater, 4 port wired 10/100 router, 4 port Gbps switch.

    Windows 2000 Pro Tower in another room.

    There are a couple of old Digital PCs, most likely DOS, Win 98 or so and
    Win NT Workstation or Linux at random times.

    I think that's about it, IIRC the Olivetti 486/33 12MB RAM still works
    that was DOS and Windows 3.11.

    I did throw out a 8088 4.77Mhz dual 360K floppy, 10MB hardcard out a few
    years ago.

    Almost forgot the Cisco firewall , dedicated to one of the laptops for


    Oh! I have cleared out varios hardisks and partitions totalling 120 or
    maybe 160GB , sometime last year.

    why?, Feb 14, 2006
  8. b.saa

    Mara Guest

    With my budget constraints I pretty much can't buy anything, at least until I
    can get *some* kind of server backup going. No one but me realizes or cares that
    if that server goes down our whole network is toast, and I have *nothing* to fix
    it with, no parts, no backup server, no images, nothing.

    I'd like to get my hands on the guy that put this together. Just for a few
    I finally more or less forced my way in there today and got a list. I left it at
    work though, and I'm pretty tired (started penetration-testing the network
    today, which was actually fun) so I don't remember the specific models; I'll get
    the list tomorrow. I remember that there's two Catalysts, a 3Com, and a Cisco
    PIX 515e in there. Most of our desktops have the IPs on stickers on them, but
    there's nothing in the closet that indicates anything at all - he didn't even
    label the cables.

    I haven't heard a whole lot of good things about PIXes.
    Yes. Although in *this* case I'm not sure even that would help. :(
    I'll download Ethereal tomorrow. I have it here, but not at work.
    And thanks again. :) You've been an *immense* help!
    Mara, Feb 15, 2006
  9. b.saa

    Toolman Tim Guest

    10 PC network/ 10 OS?
    Heh heh! I've simplified here. The little Athlon laptop, a P4 desktop (with
    two printers/scanner), and about a dozen misc. old PCs that I have to figure
    out how to get rid of (running from a P150 to a PIII 1GHz - mostly in the
    200 to 400 MHz range though.)
    Toolman Tim, Feb 15, 2006
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