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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Ant1, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Ant1

    Ant1 Guest

    would anyone know if the "Collins Spanish Dictionary: Complete & Unabridged
    (Dictionary) (Hardcover)"
    [ISBN-10: 0007183747 / ISBN-13: 978-0007183746 ]
    is in fact a spanish-english AND english-spanish dictionary or just

    I have looked all over the place and it is not clear. There is a Harper
    spanish-english/english spanish and also an Oxford dictionary and it is
    clear by the name these dictionaries work both ways.
    The Collins is not so clear.

    Any help welcome


    Ant1, Dec 15, 2007
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  2. Ant1

    thanatoid Guest

    I would guess it's just a Spanish dictionary, ie Spanish only.
    Just like the "Random House Dict. of the English Language" is
    not an English-Spanish dict. (Although after owning one for
    decades, I found out it has 5 (or so) mini English-x
    dictionaries in the back!!! And an atlas!!! Lesson - ALWAYS look
    in the back first.)

    Anyway, why would you even consider getting a Collins?

    The BEST sp-eng/eng-sp - /usable/ (MOST are NOT in any way
    usable, Spanish is just too weird not to mention every country
    speaks a different Spanish) is the Bantam New College paperback.

    Otherwise, get a big Larousse or Oxford.
    thanatoid, Dec 15, 2007
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  3. Ant1

    Ant1 Guest

    Bantam seems to be more US market oriented that UK... looking for british
    The Oxford is too american led as well... so collins is the best choice.
    Ant1, Dec 15, 2007
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