dial in to a w2k pro box from a cisco router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Laurent, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Laurent

    Laurent Guest

    [follow-up to comp.os.ms-windows.networking.ras]

    hi all !

    I try to dial in to a windows 2000 pro computer (with a isdn adapter)
    from a cisco 800 router (with one bri interface), but it doesn't work.
    The dial out from the windows box to the cisco work fine.

    when i "debug ppp auth" in the cisco i had this :

    Jul 16 17:38:59.678: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface BRI0:2, changed state to
    Jul 16 17:38:59.878: BR0:2 PPP: Treating connection as a callout
    Jul 16 17:38:59.922: BR0:2 PPP: Authorization NOT required
    Jul 16 17:39:00.402: BR0:2 MS-CHAP: O CHALLENGE id 17 len 22 from
    Jul 16 17:39:00.458: BR0:2 MS-CHAP: I CHALLENGE id 0 len 22 from
    Jul 16 17:39:00.766: BR0:2 MS CHAP: Using hostname from configured
    Jul 16 17:39:00.770: BR0:2 MS CHAP: Using password from AAA
    Jul 16 17:39:00.774: BR0:2 MS-CHAP: O RESPONSE id 0 len 63 from
    Jul 16 17:39:00.862: BR0:2 MS-CHAP: I SUCCESS id 0 len 4
    Jul 16 17:39:00.946: BR0:2 PPP: Authorization NOT required
    Jul 16 17:39:01.590: %ISDN-6-CONNECT: Interface BRI0:2 is now connected
    to <tel number> f98264c4442c4210ae475ff39f6c7ce600000000
    Jul 16 17:39:01.598: %ISDN-6-DISCONNECT: Interface BRI0:2 disconnected
    from <tel number> f98264c4442c4210ae475ff39f6c7ce600000000, call lasted
    1 seconds
    Jul 16 17:39:02.138: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface BRI0:2, changed state to

    i understand that authentication seems to work, but why it tells me
    "Authorization NOT required" ?
    And also i don"t understand when it says "connected to <tel number>"...
    what is that "f98264c4442c4210ae475ff39f6c7ce600000000", where it should
    be "SRVxxxxxx" instead ?

    any help or links would be appreciated...
    Laurent, Jul 16, 2003
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