Dial in PRI and BRI Services via AVVID

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by sacstream, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. sacstream

    sacstream Guest

    Looking for some advice. Today we have a setup where we provide ISDN dial in
    via PRI and BRI from trunking provided by a Nortel PBX. NI2 PRIs are
    extended from the PBX to a 5300, users dial a tollfree number that is routed
    thru the PBX across the NI2 PRIs to the 5300. ISDN U interfaces are
    extended from the PBX to a 3600 router with a quad BRI interface. Users dial
    a DID number that terminates on the PBX to connect. This scenario allows us
    to leverage out exiting infrastructure and provides a lot of flexibility.
    This is all being replaced with a AVVID solution - Call Manager, Unity, and
    two 6503's with CMM cards. I am not sure how to provide the same services as
    above with this setup. I do not want to buy dedicated PRI's and BRI's for
    these dial in services from the phone company. I would think I should
    somehow be able to leverage the circuits that will terminate in the 6503's
    and controlled by the Call Manger to accomplish this. Any advice or a
    reference to a link would be greatly appreciated.
    sacstream, Dec 18, 2004
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