dhcp timeout on a wireless connection

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Graham Turner, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. have got a mostly functional wireless infrastructure - linksys access point
    using wpa-radius / XP sp2 clients / IAS as radius server

    however we intermittenlty get issues of connectivity as indicated by dhcp
    event 1003 / netlogon secure channel errors in the event log.

    this all looks suspicioulsy like the behaviour of EAP authentcation / dhcp
    processes being independent along the lines of that documented in KB314994 -
    which i assume to be incorporated in SP2 ??

    what is 'interesting' is that when i get these 'failed' connection attempts
    the radius server logs an authentication attempt by the 'Guest' account
    which does not have dial-in permission

    the client somehow 'works' itself and then proceeds to use the computer
    account for authentication which succeeds, but not quickly enough, such that
    the client in the mean time has attempted dhcp / secure channel

    the client is configured with the authentication parameter of "authenticate
    as guest when user or computer information is unavailable" set to unchecked.

    it seems there are two issues here;

    i. why the guest authentication is being attempted on an intermittent basis
    given the above configuration

    ii. why dhcp (and other network processes) are not 'waiting' for the
    physical network (which includes the radius authentication) to be


    Graham Turner, Mar 8, 2005
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