Determine power requirements system... possible problem with power supply?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Willem van der Berg, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Hello ng,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me fix a new problem that`s come up.

    While my computer is on, there is a noise coming from it... I usually have
    problems like that, which are almost impossible to explain to others and
    therefore hard to fix. I`ll give it my best shot. Lasting for a total of 8
    seconds, I hear a sort of resonance which builds in strength gradually,
    then drops. A new period of 8 seconds starts, again building up from zero
    to annoyingly audible. I have spent a lot of money making my computer
    ultra-silent, so the effect is pretty bad.
    The sound seems to have no relation with the amount of work load I put my
    computer through. It makes no difference whether the computer is idle
    or doing heavy encoding duties or something. When booting the noise is
    really quite loud and constant for a couple of seconds, soon afterwards
    the cycles starts. There is no difference whether the computer has been
    off for a few seconds or a few hours.

    Recently, there have been 2 computer related changes. First, I switched
    from cable internet access to ADSL internet access. This can hardly affect
    my system, as the modem was connected in both cases to my router and it
    couldn`t care less where the connection is coming from. My second change
    has been replacing a P-ATA 30 GB IBM Deskstar GXP75 harddisk with a P-ATA
    Hitachi 7K250 250 GB harddisk. Other than these two changes, nothing has
    changed. The problem came up `suddenly`. And it won`t go away.

    Due to the position my computer is in (it is hard to reach), it is really
    difficult to have my computer running and physically checking what`s going
    on. However, if I were to judge where the sound is coming from, I would
    say it`s coming from the upper part of the tower. The most likely suspect
    is therefore my power supply.

    I`m running an ultra-quiet Lexus power supply, 300 watt. It is less than a
    year old. Perhaps it cannot supply enough power to the system or
    something, so I would like to determine the power requirements of my
    system. Can anyone tell me how I could make an educated guess in this
    matter? Or, look at my specs and take a guess yourself.

    Case: AOpen Miditower ATX HQ45AP
    Power supply: Nexus NX-3000 (replaced the AOpen power supply) 300 watt
    Motherboard: MSI K7T Turbo 2 Limited Edition Processor: AMD Athlon XP
    Proc.Cooler: not certain, I think it`s the Nexus KCZ-2700 LS Harddisk 1:
    Seagate Barricuda 7200.7 80 GB (ST380011A) Harddisk 2: Hitachi 7K250 250
    DVD-ROM: Toshiba SD-M1802 16x
    CD-RW: Lite-on LTR-52246S 52x 24x 52x Diskdrive: Sony 3,5" Diskdrive
    1.44Mb Graphics card: 3D Blaster 4 Titanium 4400 (nVidia GeForce4 4400 128
    MB) (REMARK: took off the noisy power supply, replaced by Zalman ZM80C-HP
    heatpipe passive cooling solution)
    Memory: 768 MB SDRAM
    Soundcard: Terratex DMX X-Fire 1024 4.1 Controller card: USB 2.0 Speakers:
    Creative PCWorks FourPointSurround 1500 Network card: Sitecom PCI Fast
    Ethernet card 10/100 Mbit Router: Sitecom DC-202 Trackball: Logitech
    Marble Mouse USB
    Mouse: Logitech Cordless Mouseman Wheel USB Tablet: Wacom Graphire 1 USB
    Keyboard: Logitech Internet Keyboard (serial) Scanner: Canon CanoScan
    N670U USB
    Printer: HP DeskJet 720C LPT2
    CRT monitor: Iiyama Diamondtron A705MT Vision Master Pro411 17" TFT
    monitor: Dell 1504FP 15"

    I`ve included all peripherals which are powered on when using the system.
    I welcome any suggestions!

    Willem van der Berg, Oct 2, 2004
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  2. Willem van der Berg

    SwissTony Guest

    350 watt is bare minimum these days.
    get the highest u can afford
    SwissTony, Oct 2, 2004
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  3. Well actually, I wasn`t looking to replace my power supply... like I
    said, the above system used to work fine. I need to be certain that
    the problem is the power supply and if it is, if the problem is a too
    demanding system. If so I will of course get a more powerful one.

    Oddly enough the system seems to be doing fine at the moment. I have
    opened the case and made sure that all cables are routed correctly, might
    have moved a bunch when installing the new harddisk. Right now it`s all
    peace and quietness, but I`m not sure it is going to last.

    Willem van der Berg, Oct 2, 2004
  4. Willem van der Berg

    SwissTony Guest

    Appologies for the earlier reply. Need new glasses or possibly less alcohol
    in my blood stream lol
    It could possibly be the cpu fan.
    Can u get you pc out with 1 power cable then you can test it.
    I also suggest getting hold of a can of compressed air. Most computer shops
    stock them.
    Give the CPU fan a good blast. make sure you stop the fan from spinning
    while you spray as it can damage it.
    Clean all the fins on the fan and give all the fins on the heatsink a good
    blast to.
    I would not suggest taking the psu apart due to the extreme voltages even if
    the power is not plugged in.
    If you can, give the PSU fans a good blast to. put something plastic through
    the fan grill to stop the fan spinning when u spray it.

    Swiss T

    p.s If you can, try and move the ide cables out the way to improve airflow.
    SwissTony, Oct 2, 2004
  5. Get a nice small smooth paint brush and brush off/poke the fans etc once every few
    I take fans off every now and again (Video and CPU) and give them a thorough clean.
    The bigger fans can be dealt with in situ.
    If you really wanna clean out/dismantle the PSU then power down but leave connected
    to the AC mains with power switch off this will allow the earth to discharge the
    capacitors although some countries with 120 VAC don't have earths in which case
    totally remove power and leave for 10 mins to allow the capacitors to discharge.
, Oct 3, 2004
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