Detailed Analysis of the file formats for M$ Office 2007 -"Microsoft Office XML Formats? Defective b

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Jonathan Walker, Aug 26, 2007.


    "" They insist on the fact that, provided you make a valid use of the XML,
    pretty much changing the content of anything in an existing document can
    be achieved by sequentially 1) unzipping the content 2) making appropriate
    changes to one or more XML parts that are compatible with the provided XML
    schemas and open packaging relationships 3) zipping the content back .

    Let's see if that's true.

    1) Self-exploding spreadsheets
    2) Entered versus stored values
    3) Optimization artefacts become a feature instead of an embarrasment
    4) VML isn't XML
    5) Open packaging parts minefield
    6) International, but US English first and foremost
    7) Many ways to get in trouble
    8) Windows dates
    9) All roads lead to Office 2007
    10) A world of ZIP+OLE files
    11) BIFF is gone...not!
    12) Document backwards compatibility subject to neutrino radioactivity
    13) ECMA 376 documents just do not exist ""

    The article examines in quite some detail the above 13 points, and makes
    for very interesting reading about how M$ Office 2007 uses, or does not
    use, XML.
    Jonathan Walker, Aug 26, 2007
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  2. Jonathan Walker

    Peter Guest

    "Defective by design" - goodness me, so MS is deliberately designing Office
    files to obstruct interoperability. The quote from the email from Bill
    Gates only further illustrates the point.

    As Prof Moglen puts it ...
    ".. the theory of the firm and the economic theory of the 1890s are
    sufficient to the explanation. Monopolies, as we all know and were taught,
    produce inferior goods at high prices and stifle innovation. The wealthiest
    and most deeply-funded monopoly in the history of the world spent literally
    billions of dollars over the last two decades trying to convince you and
    everybody else in the world that the laws of our economics had been
    repealed for the special benefit of Mr Gates and Mr Ballmer. This was, of
    course, false - like all other monopolies, they obeyed the laws of the free
    market. They produced lousy goods at very high prices and they stifled
    innovation - as they became more and more dominant in the world of
    software, quality enhancement in the world of software first ceased and
    then began to reverse itself."

    Interoperability in file formats would permit the possibility of innovation,
    customer choice and competition - all things that MS wishes to prevent.

    Peter, Aug 26, 2007
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