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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by JimTheAverage, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. When I right click on my XP Pro SP2 desktop and select Properties>Desktop
    the Background listbox doesn't just list the files in
    %SystemRoot%/Web/Wallpaper. It lists those plus every bmp file in the My
    Pictures folder and sub folders.

    I searched the registry for "wallpaper" and found that
    HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion's WallpaperDir setting was in
    fact set to %SystemRoot%/Web/Wallpaper. So I dno't get where the other
    files are coming from.

    The problem here is that this is a new build and I haven't even started to
    put in my THOUSANDS of images into My Pictures yet. When I do, if this
    behavior persists, it will most likely freeze my Display properties dialog
    and make picking out wallpaper form the thousands of images that I have
    quite messy if not downright impossible.

    Has anyone seen this behaviour in XP or know of a fix for it?


    JimTheAverage, Jan 18, 2008
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  2. Thanks Alan! Who knew about the change in behaviour at 100 images?

    But, as for reducing cross-posting, that also reduces the number of people
    that see the solution.

    Cross-posting is NOT a bad thing. In fact, it saves system resources (one
    messaage with pointers from othe NGs saves space and bandwidth).
    Multi-posting is bad (as it consumes resources by sending the same message
    to multiple groups on every mail server).

    Thanks again.

    (cross-posting resumed)
    JimTheAverage, Jan 19, 2008
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  3. JimTheAverage

    Pennywise Guest

    You can use Process Monitor and see

    Just be sure to use the filters, start the capture, click into the
    Background listbox - stop the capture and view the paths.
    Pennywise, Jan 19, 2008
  4. JimTheAverage

    Claymore Guest

    The only way that I know of to stop this annoyance is first, never
    select a picture from your default 'My Pictures' folder, and if you
    already have, create another folder, say "Pictures", and move all your
    photos there. The 'My Pictures' folder is set as a system folder,
    really only to allow software writers to use it as a default storage
    folder for images.
    Claymore, Jan 19, 2008
  5. JimTheAverage

    Pennywise Guest

    The folder is required for the Windows Logo; To allow all programs a
    place to store images.
    Pennywise, Jan 19, 2008
  6. The solution was posted by Alan - but he freaked about cross-posting and
    only replied to a single group. I postedit above, but will do so here for
    anybody else that may be vexxed with this situation.

    The solution it seems is to place more than 100 images in your My Pictures
    folder. They can all be in the My Pictures folder or scattered among sub
    folders of My Pictures....just so you have more than 100 pictures under the
    My Pictures folder.

    Then, at least on my system, the listbox correctly shows only those images
    in the %SystemRoot%/Web/Wallpaper folder.

    Thanks again Alan.

    JimTheAverage, Jan 19, 2008
  7. JimTheAverage

    JJ206 Guest

    I have the same OS and I don't see that in my bmp list. So something is
    awol. How many bmp files do you have ? I converted over to jpg long ago
    and just convert a few jpgs to bmp if I like them enough to make them
    the wallpaper.

    good luck,

    JJ206, Jan 19, 2008
  8. I had less than 20 bmp images but I had them in the
    %SystemRoot%/Web/Wallpaper and My Pictures - so they showed in the list

    Evidentally XP is hard coded to work this way until you have >100 images in
    My Pictures - at which point it only looks in your
    %SystemRoot%/Web/Wallpaper directory for wallpapers to list.

    Adding more images (>100) to my My Pictures folder stopped this behaviour.

    JimTheAverage, Jan 19, 2008
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