DesingJet 500 for printing photos on canvas?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by tomek73a, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. tomek73a

    tomek73a Guest

    I have a need to print periodically some photos on convas. After quite
    long web-searching I see only one sensible (within my price range)
    choice: HP DesignJet 500...
    Has anyone have any experience with canvas photo prinouts? How is the
    quality: good enought? How about costs... canvas costs are quite easy
    to estimate, but how about ink?

    thanks, regards,
    tomek73a, Feb 21, 2006
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  2. tomek73a

    tomm42 Guest

    I'd check with HP and see what canvas they recommend. Many canvases on
    the market are made for printers that use pigmented inks. Often dye
    inks don't last well on these materials. But dye inks can give
    wonderful prints with deep blacks that only the newest pigment inks can
    even come close to. If you use HP product they will have profiles or
    directions how to use your printer driver with the materials. The best
    canvas for dye ink printers is from Parrot Digigraphics and is made for
    Iris printers, last time I bought it it was $300 for a 44"x40' roll,
    but I recieved no complaints about it from clients.

    tomm42, Feb 22, 2006
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  3. tomek73a

    tomek73a Guest

    Thank you for the raplay.
    So, did you print anything 44" wide?
    If yes; how big was yours photo resolution? 8000 px or so?
    tomek73a, Feb 24, 2006
  4. tomek73a


    Sep 13, 2011
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    Indianapolis USA
    There is even canvas paper available for use, allowing you to print digital photographs onto the canvas with a standard computer printer (such as an Epson). Once on the canvas, the image is capable of being mounted in a frame or sewn onto other fabric and clothing.

    Photos on Canvas Printing
    Canvas Printing
    TravisMoore, Sep 13, 2011
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