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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by THEOLDONE, Jan 10, 2005.


    Bestpractice Guest

    I'm on my second Dell in 5 years. The first one burnt through
    harddrives like Barry Bonds on steroids. I would call the tech support
    and they would talk me through their stick and fetch game. The only
    difference was I knew it was the harddrive and never participated in
    the dumb tech script. I'd just tell them I did and move on to the next
    step until they exhausted the script tree. Only then would they
    authorize a replacement harddrive.

    I agree with an earlier poster, I'm not going to be their tech support,
    especially when I had paid for the 3 year on-site service. I had no
    other issues with that machine except for the harddrives. It's now my
    kids homework/game system and works fine. It still annually eats

    So far my new machine is working fine. I bought a new 8400 XPS P4 3.4
    Ghz; Free double Ram upgrade; free upgrade of the monitor to a 19in
    flat panel; free optical drive; $300 bucks off, free 2nd day shipping
    and free printer/scanner. I'd been watching their offers for the last
    couple of years, this had been the best I'd seen yet. It was the week
    of Xmas (Dec 20th) and I recieved it on Xmas Eve (24th). I've edited
    family video and ran HL2, Doom3 and Far Cry on it with no performance
    issues. It's actually not as loud as my previous 8400 but it's also
    not going to win any awards for silence buffering. The case is much
    easier to get into, it opens like an old fashion steamer trunk but they
    are still using the old flat ribbon cables which tend to clutter up the
    free space. It's also BIG, I could rent it out as an efficiency to a
    Puerto Rican family of 4.

    Anyway, sorry for the tangent, just play the game with the tech stooge
    and get what you paid for.

    Good luck.
    Bestpractice, Jan 19, 2005
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    JP Guest

    Good luck. I am in the process of sending a dead 8400 Dell back. I spent a
    total of 10 hours on the telephone with tech support and customer "service".
    As a former Dell owner and stockholder, I am shocked by the lousy customer
    service I received.

    After spending a full day trying to find out what the problem was - the
    computer went dead after two days - tech support finally agreed to send a
    replacement. Two days later I called customer service as they suggested to
    find out the tracking number only to find out that the replacement was
    cancelled. I have yet to get an explanation as to why it was cancelled. I
    decided that if this is the way they treat customers, I don't need a Dell.

    I wrote a letter to their CEO and so far nobody has been able to give me any
    JP, Jan 19, 2005
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    Greg R Guest

    Create a restore cd unless you have one.
    Back up your data that you need to keep.
    Use the restore cd.
    See if that help if not

    Try each of the following steps. (all or each separately).

    Normal., I would not recommend to download hardware updates from
    windows update. In this case. I think you should download updates
    of your hardware from windows update.

    You Might try downloading avg free version and the zone alarm free
    version. Control Panel-add or remove program. (Check show updates)
    Unplug or disconnect your internet connection
    Uninstall everything related to mcafee.

    Other thinks to uninstall
    Any thing that says dell.
    (Please, check each item out, some may be required to run your
    computer-most are not)

    Uninstall real one media player.

    Look at other stuff their remove other items you will never use or can
    download for free. Don’t uninstall the updates.

    Greg R
    Greg R, Jan 19, 2005
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