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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by THEOLDONE, Jan 10, 2005.



    Anyone having trouble getting answers from Dell Tech center.

    Just received Dell 3000 and it sounds like a tank is running.
    I call , get Tech Center...whereever that is...and am tild..even thought I
    purchased the on site warrenty...that I have to perform various tests before
    the Tech decides that problem can't be fixed via telephone and then
    authorizes a Tech/Repair visit.

    The first thing I was instructed to do was run the IDE tests which showed
    Pass. Then I was told to lay the Tower on it's right side, take of the side
    panel and remove the Ram chips and to reinstall. How Ram could cause a
    grinding sound, which the Tech says he hears when I place the phone close to
    the tower, excapes me.

    I'm told to check leads to see f trhe lead connectors are also
    told that since the 3000 is a fast machine that there will be noise...etc,
    etc, ad infinitum.

    This is a brand new computer, How it got out of the factory with the problem
    only Dell QC knows.

    Appreciate any input . This will be the last Dell I buy.

    Son, who talked me into getting a Dell , now apolgizes. He has a company
    that uses Dell and says that the Tech advise has gone down the drawn.
    THEOLDONE, Jan 10, 2005
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    Thor Guest

    that would be India due to Dell's outsourcing of US jobs for cheaper labor
    costs abroad.
    welcome to the world of buying a major brand-name PC. No offense, but if you
    would have done a little research or asked on this newsgroup before buying,
    many would have told you that onsite service with Dell and other major
    brands is not granted at first. It is at the discretion of the Dell
    telelphone support person who decides just when it is appropriate to send an
    onsite tech. This means YOU will be the onsite tech for the first round of
    troubleshooting in most cases. People go into these things thinking that
    onsite service means any and all problems you might have will be taken care
    of on-site by a Dell tech and you won't have to bother with trying to
    troubleshoot anything. Obviously you have now discovered the reality of the
    that's because the guy you are talking to is not really a tech in most
    cases. It's just a guy that gets paid to read a troubleshooting script. A
    real tech would not have had you messing about with RAM modules when the
    issue is a "grinding noise".
    This is true to a degree, depending on the configuration. The fans that are
    operating normally can be offensively loud to some people. Many noise issues
    are indeed subjective. But something that is loud enough to be heard easily
    over the phone is probably not normal function. Noises such as this can come
    from only a few things. Fans would be the most common culprit. The harddrive
    or CD drives could also be a source. CD drives won't make noise unless a
    disc is inserted though so that is easy enough to rule out. Fans, if they
    are physically accessable can be ruled out if you can stop them with your
    finger (be careful not to touch the blades, just touch the center to stop it
    for an instant, and see if the noise stops). Fans that are not easily
    accessable such as power supply fans, are usually the last things left to
    consider after eliminating all other items, unless it is plainly obvious
    that the noise is coming from the power supply enclosure. The harddrive can
    be eliminated by unplugging it's power connector then powering up the
    computer. It won't boot obviously, but all the other normal noises from
    fans, etc will be present.
    could have started when you got the machine. It happens.
    Thor, Jan 10, 2005
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    For taking the time to communicate much detail,and allowing me to impose on
    your knowledge.

    I've heard from others, locally, that they believe Dell's Tech Support has
    gone thown the camode.

    As U wisely note, some things are subjective and some people can't be
    satisfied. I learned this when I was in Industry...working..of all the service department. Products were electro-mechanical. You
    would not believe what condition people sent back what they had purchased
    and blamed it on the product.

    I'll get off the soap box.

    My next communication will be to Michael Dell

    Thanks again

    THEOLDONE, Jan 10, 2005
  4. you can diagnose it yourself easily. If there's a loud noise then you
    should be able to figure out where it's coming from.

    the first thing to do is to open it up and hold the fan blades for a
    moment to test 'if' it is a fan. You can do this for a moment and the
    temperature won't rise much or at all. Fans can be replaced easily
    especially if you're not worried about voiding the warranty. And
    anyhow, you can tell him how you singled out where the problem is.
    Locating a noise isn't nuclear physics.

    How did you do an IDE test?
    jameshanley39, Jan 11, 2005

    Luvskats00 Guest

    Dell 3000 and it sounds like a tank is running.
    I honestly don't understand how Dell is in business - let alone, be one of the
    most successful/popular computer sellers. I, too, had problems with Dell
    customer service AND tech support - before/during/after the sale (and the
    computer hasn't even been used yet!) I will summarize the problems below.
    Before I do, I'll add that I contacted the technical, desktop computer, AND
    software editors of all major computer publications. I sent a diary of my 4
    hours of effort to get the advertised deal listed on the website and the 15
    hours of effort talking to customer service and tech support - always in India.
    I was given a phony employee name and phone extension during one call and was
    holding 105 minutes this past Sunday before a representative came on the line.
    In fact, I have always been in the telephone queue for a minimum of 60 minutes
    before a human being came on the line.

    Nov. 20 - Dec. 12: researched computers & specs. Chose Dell.
    Dec.15: Played the Dell game on the website and won a $300 credit towards any
    desktop system.

    Dec. 22: Put together a customized Dimension 8400 with specifications. Would
    not allow the application of the $300 credit prize, saying that the computer
    was discounted already. Would not provide an answer to my question "since the
    computers always have a discount promotion, when is one supposed to use this
    Dec. 24: Connected to a sales manager who allowed $200 of the $300 coupon
    credit. She also guaranteed that computer would NOT come with McAfee virus
    protection software installed AND sold me a prepackaged box of Norton
    Systemworks (with my computer order) in which I would install myself. Confirmed
    the no McAfee in an email.
    Jan 9: Discovered computer came WITH McAfee pre loaded despite the packing slip
    and confirming email stating "no McAfee subscription". Was on hold for 105
    minutes for customer service. Conversation with representative lasted 22
    minutes where she agreed to send a replacement hard drive without McAfee & send
    a tech to install it. She stated that she would call me in less than 30 minutes
    with a service call number and gave me her name and phone extension. When she
    didn't call for 60 minutes, I called only to learn she gave me a phony name and
    I called back where for the next 4 hours I was transferred to customer service,
    tech support, and back and forth. One rep knew less than the next.
    Ultimately, they refused to acknowledge their error even though I documented
    every step by going to the website, alerting them to options Dell offered, and
    the written guarantees I had.
    Jan. 10: Spent 4 hours this time. Was told to return the computer and buy it
    again - at a higher price; accept a blank hard drive and install everything
    myself; suck it up. I finally stated that I would take this to court.
    Supposedly, a new hard drive without McAfee is coming.
    Luvskats00, Jan 11, 2005

    WebWalker Guest

    I hopes the OP not doing this to his CPU heatsink fan. He can easily
    burn his CPU if he intend to stop the CPU fan.
    WebWalker, Jan 11, 2005

    Luvskats00 Guest

    "Thor" wrote
    That's what I discovered. The "tech" who knew less than my non-computer using
    mother sounded like a person who stepped into the job that day and had no
    technical expertise in any form. After I explained that any file or software
    program loaded/installed on the hard drive would NOT be gone from the would still be there, he continued reading from his script, that I
    should uninstall McAfee and install Norton. I pretended he was mentally
    impaired and explained again..that McAfee would still be in the hard drive AND
    hamper the operation of Norton. No glimmer of understanding at all.
    Personally, I am a bit peeved at the irresponsibility of the press who praise
    Dell to the masses. How irresponsible can you be?
    Luvskats00, Jan 11, 2005

    Luvskats00 Guest

    No offense, but that would be pretty risky and ill advised. Why would someone
    want to void a warranty. It's a brand new computer!
    Luvskats00, Jan 11, 2005

    Luvskats00 Guest

    Another question: From (at least) November to the end of December 2004, Dell
    offered an option for Norton Anti-Virus 2004 (for $69) on their Dimension
    systems. Wouldn't that have been fraud? Since Symantec was offering their
    Norton 2005 to the public for much less?

    Also: Dell must have a contract with McAfee since they "recommend" it and
    force it on everyone who purchases a system, despite an option for Norton.
    Luvskats00, Jan 11, 2005
  10. why would somebody want to talk to a tech support guy for 3 hours,
    waste days with a faulty computer, and get nowhere?

    you can't have your cake and eat it, you have to choose. The OP is able
    to explain problems on usenet, so fixing a problem like that shouldn't
    be beyond his ability.

    quality of tech support should be taken into consideration. Apparently
    Dell is bad.

    Also, a year and a half ago, a friend of mine found that Dell were
    quite liberal/kind/flexible about voiding the warranty. He returned
    his comp in a mess, and they fixed it and returned it in perfect

    It is quite inconvenient and pathetic to call somebody for help with a
    problem u should be able to deal with easily, like a bad fan.
    jameshanley39, Jan 11, 2005

    Thor Guest

    nonsense. You aren't stopping the fan permanently or even for a long period
    of time. The CPU will not burn up in a matter of the couple of seconds it
    would take to determine whether the noise stopped. The heatshink guarantees
    Thor, Jan 11, 2005

    Thor Guest

    No. They can sell Norton software (whatever version) for whatever amount
    they want. Is it fraud for one store to sell a product at a slightly higher
    price than you can get it elsewhere? No. It's called capitalism. It's your
    job to shop around for the best price. If you don't like the price or
    selection Dell is offering you, then simply buy the software someplace else
    that is cheaper. If you bought the software from Dell first without checking
    for a better price elsewhere, then that is *your* fault.
    Who cares. Both of them stink IMHO. You are better off without either one of
    Thor, Jan 11, 2005


    To test if the Hard drive was damaged I was told to shut down and reboot. As
    computer started to turn on I was to keep hitting the F12 key, until the
    Boot Device Menu came on screen. It this did not happen, I was to keep
    shutting down..restarting computer , hitting F12 until the Boot Devives Menu
    came on screen

    When the Boot Device Menu was on screen I was to select #7...IDE Drive
    Diagnostic and wait until it completed it's test.

    In my case the test showed that the IDE had passed.

    Don't 3ant to forget to thank all who took the time to offer guidance,
    sugestions and help. Your great bunch

    TOO=The oldone


    THEOLDONE, Jan 12, 2005


    From Desktop:

    Start/Control Panel/Systems/Device Manager

    Now click Disk Devices and IDE...if yoou elect... to expand the section.

    When section expands place the mouse on each hrading and click the right
    A dialog box will open
    Select Preference
    Another Dialog box will open to yell you if the device is working or not

    THEOLDONE, Jan 12, 2005

    Jim Berwick Guest

    This won't tell you anything at all. All it indicates is if the driver is
    installed correctly. I deal with this on an almost daily basis when
    customers call saying they can not connect, and the error is either a
    hardware failure with the modem or no dial tone problem, and I explain
    their modem has died. I hear every day how "It says the device is working
    properly" and it doesn't mean a thing.
    Jim Berwick, Jan 14, 2005

    Thor Guest

    as in, "the lights are on, but nobody's home". LOL!
    Thor, Jan 14, 2005


    One of the people who replied to my post about the quality of Dell's
    computers asked what instructions I had received from the Dell Tech on how
    to test the IDE to determine if it was trhe cause of the grinding noise.

    What I've replied to persons question is what Dell Tech said to do and what
    the computer answered ( Passed)

    I'm not knowledgable on the workings of computers to know if what Tech said
    to do and the end result ( passed) meant that the Hard drive was not the
    cause of the grinding sould coming from the Tower.

    Thanks, again for taking the time to clarify.

    The Old One.
    THEOLDONE, Jan 14, 2005

    Trent© Guest

    What OS? None of that works for me.

    Have a nice one...


    Budweiser: Helping ugly people have sex since 1876!
    Trent©, Jan 16, 2005



    THEOLDONE, Jan 17, 2005

    JP Guest

    Think carefully before buying a dell. My experience with customer service
    and support was terrible. I purchased an 8400 Dell and it became inoperable
    after two days. I then spent more than 10 hours on the telephone with tech
    support and customer service and the problem was never resolved. Finally,
    after many attempts Dell agreed to send me a replacement computer. However,
    when I checked on the arrival date - another two hour telephone hold - I
    learned that Dell tech suport cancelled the order. It took many attempts to
    get them to take back this piece of junk.

    Dell has nice advertisements - but if anything goes wrong you can count on
    spending hours with tech support and customer service in an attempt to
    remedy the problem.
    JP, Jan 17, 2005
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