Dell PC - GX260 - what's in it?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jarbacky, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Jarbacky

    Jarbacky Guest


    I had to reformat the hard drive of my Dell but now I need to install
    the drivers for the various compoents. I'm running XP Pro. Can anyone
    tell me where to go to find out what's in this thing? The Dell site has
    toooo much info. Specifically, I need to know:

    Video adapter,
    SM Controller (what the heck is that?),
    Ethernet controller and
    USB controller.

    I miss the old days when you could look at the card, when everything
    wasn't mounted on the m-board, don't you?

    Jarbacky, Jan 4, 2007
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  2. Jarbacky

    beenthere Guest

    Belarc Advisor will tell you all you need to know about
    your machine.

    beenthere, Jan 4, 2007
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  3. Jarbacky

    chuckie® Guest

    I went to the Dell site and all of the drivers are there. It would help if
    you have the 'Service Tag' number and the serial number. This generally
    leads to a much more specific area (I think). You could get them if you
    know which items are installed in your computer. I might add, this
    information *should* have been gotten *before* you did the format...
    chuckie®, Jan 4, 2007
  4. Jarbacky

    old man Guest

    You visit Dell site >Support>enter your Tag#
    old man, Jan 4, 2007
  5. Jarbacky

    Guest Guest

    I haven't looked a Dell desktop in awhile, but there should be a service tag
    sticker on the side of the case. Failing that, it should have the service
    tag listed in the BIOS. From there go to and pop it
    in and you should be well on your way.
    Guest, Jan 4, 2007
  6. Jarbacky

    Fred Kasner Guest

    Unfortunately Dell does a custom install and just running the OS install
    disk does not get you to the condition that it came in when you bought
    it. IF (that is a big if) you are still under warrantee then you can
    call them and even the guys in India will have a script available to
    reinstall your software. The big problem is getting all the right
    drivers in place. I couldn't get it to work after the replaced my blown
    HD with a refurbished one. So I got the Indians with their script to
    reinstall all the drivers that were needed. Some of them appear to be
    hidden on the drivers CD and are not easy to find. I am still waiting
    for them to tell me how to get my network running again. Tomorrow will
    be the day I devote to hassling them about getting my formerly working
    netword able to find the XP home machine that is supposed to be on the
    network with my XP Pro machine.
    Fred Kasner, Jan 4, 2007
  7. Jarbacky posted for all of us...
    Go to as others have suggested. When you get to there look
    for original system configuration. That should have most of the info you need.
    Also d/l the active x to find the CURRENT config which will provide exact info.
    =?iso-8859-15?Q?Tekkie=AE?=, Jan 5, 2007
  8. Jarbacky

    Frosty Guest

    A small rodent and a wheel.
    Frosty, Jan 5, 2007
  9. Jarbacky

    Jarbacky Guest

    Well, I'm still trucking along with this.

    I've found that my Service Tag is 6NS3P21 - I used it and went back to
    Dell Support site and didn't get much further. I downloaded all the
    Driver EXEs and most worked fine but I'm still having trouble in that
    they are not working for

    Ethernet Controller - Getting "Cannot start this Hardware ... (Code 10)
    SM Controller (I don't even know what that is to look for a driver, can
    anyone educate me?)
    USB Controller - Getting "Cannot start this Hardware ... (Code 10)

    Here's what I have tried:
    I downloaded and ran Belarc and it is a useful tool I see myself using
    in the future; however, it didn't give me much info I didn't already
    have. Thanks anyway.

    Revisited Dell w/ no luck.

    Opened case, greased wheel and fed mouse. Only change was everything
    ran more quietly.

    Thanks for all the info. I'll keep checking in and if I figure anything
    out I'll post it for everyone.

    Back to the drawing board!
    Jarbacky, Jan 6, 2007
  10. Jarbacky

    Fred Guest

    It's the System Management Bus associated with Intel chipsets.
    You need to download the latest Intel chipset INF file.
    Fred, Jan 7, 2007
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