Dell Optiplex GX150 boot problem

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Mortda, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Mortda

    Mortda Guest

    Can anyone advise as to wether or not this particular Dell desktop has a
    special boot up disk(s) (Similar to the early compaqs) used to start up the
    system after a new OS has been install, ie; on a new hard drive for
    We have a problem after installng Windows 2000 (Have tried the standard
    version and the pro version) that after installing the initial files and
    going through the automatic reboot sequence it fails to load any further,
    and has an error message: lOADING ERROR.

    Mortda, Jan 12, 2007
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  2. Mortda

    JOG Guest

    Hi Mortda,

    Possibly a problem with the hard disk which may be corrupted.

    On starting your PC try F12 (see the options available at the top left of
    the screen) and if the DELL partition has not been removed during the intial
    install, there should be a diagnostic option, run it again the HDD.

    Kind regards

    JOG, Jan 12, 2007
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  3. Mortda

    why? Guest

    See manuals, Dell links below.
    A recovery partition? They may have but we scrubbed every single PC with
    our build. They either installed from floppy or BartPE CD.
    Start with Dell support page,
    Pick the model range, and enter the service tag / model info. It will
    take you to the Dell downloads pages for Optiplex
    If these are the 3-4 year old black GX150's, Win 2000 works just fine on
    Drive letters / CDROM or other bootable device is causing a problem.

    It's assumed you are doing this manually and not a config script you can

    As it's rebooting you could try a boot floppy from to
    interrupt the process and see if you can see the HD / dirs / files okay.

    This works okay, if you remove the floppy and reboot normally it should
    continue to your error :)

    You also didn't say much about partition sizes / format.

    There are 2 hidden folder, I just can't recall the name of, it's the
    boot files put on after the 1st part of the CD files copy.

    $LS.BT or something similar, IIRC that's the 1st folders it looks at.

    HAve you tried removing and non essential hardware.

    Something that isn't Win 2000 does work or not.
    why?, Jan 12, 2007
  4. Mortda

    Mortda Guest

    Thanks Jog & Why,
    The info was just what I was looking for and
    the help is very much appreciated.
    Mortda, Jan 13, 2007
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