Dell Nero SyncUp program

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by LRESA500, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. LRESA500

    LRESA500 Guest

    I'm trying to uninstall this software from my PC but it's a beast. The Control Panel uninstall does not work. I keeping getting a "Please wait while Windows configures SyncUp" message which just goes on for eternity.
    Any other suggestions ?

    LRESA500, Jun 17, 2013
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  2. LRESA500

    Paul Guest

    The Dell forums suggest Revo for un-installation.

    The cleanup is several steps.

    1) Control Panel uninstall.
    2) Revo Uninstaller
    3) Remove the four SyncUp folders from the
    four respective Windows 7 Libraries.

    But that probably won't clean every last remnant from the registry.
    It's possible file associations will remain screwed up. You can
    edit them one at a time and use the "Default" button to correct


    I could find this download on the Nero site. I used this
    as an approximation to the mess you're in. I ran this under
    WINE program loader in Linux (in a virtual machine), to get
    at the installer files.

    That is 159,592,568 bytes in size, and when run, it creates
    a 556MB folder (still not installed yet). In the applications
    section, it shows these folders.

    dellmobilesync (Android server...)
    update (phone home to Nero for updates)

    I expect, if and when you get it un-installed, you'll lose
    whatever functions those supported. It implies it has a
    "Control Center" and a "Media Manager".

    I did manage to bring one of the .chm files back to Windows,
    and this is what I got. There is no help for uninstalling,
    repairing or anything else in here. This is a screenshot
    of the help dialog.


    I did find a couple other completely useless links.
    The first one is interesting, in that the dialogs depicted on
    the page, aren't really from SyncUp at all. And the whole
    thing was just thrown together to sucker you into downloading
    their tool. Anyone who honestly wanted to help you, would
    have taken a picture of the "real thing".

    This link, while pretending to be "General", seems
    to be for removing the Nero burning suites. It has
    ..cfg files inside, for several versions of Nero burning
    ROM or whatever. I don't see any evidence this has anything
    to do with the nasty SyncUp.

    Try Revo Uninstaller and see what it can do.


    If it was me, I would do a System Image of C: before
    doing anything else. But that's just my (amateur) approach.
    I only got in serious trouble once with Windows 7, where I
    actually needed that backup, so the laptop would boot
    again :) System Image is available in Windows 8, but
    is hidden a little bit. You also need to burn the boot
    CD for that, if you haven't made one already (that's so you
    can restore C: when the computer won't boot).

    I wish I could have located an InstallShield uninstaller
    file, as evidence it could be uninstalled, but a check
    through that folder full of crap, didn't reveal anything
    of interest.

    Paul, Jun 17, 2013
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  3. LRESA500

    LRESA500 Guest

    Thanks Paul !!
    LRESA500, Jun 18, 2013
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