Dell inspiron 8200 70 watt warning

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by e, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. e

    e Guest

    Hi all,

    I've read so many things on this, i dont even know where to look
    anymore. It's the same problem that many of us had experienced. I
    have a inspiron 8200 for reasons that i still dont know, it recognizes
    my 90 watt ac adaptor as a 70 watt adaptor. It runs on batter just
    fine. However, with the computer thinks that it only gets 70 watt
    power supply, the battery wont charge. i've heard that it can be
    fixed by replacing the motherboard, but $600 is just not in my budget
    right now. I've also read something about replacing the power source.
    Here's something else i've found a while ago

    "If the laptop works on battery, my guess is that the inline ceramic
    fuse is open. This is a small oblong block be 1/4 inch long, 1/8
    inch high and wide, surface mounted very near the AC adapter jack.
    can be bypassed with a suitable Picofuse, be 8 amps, soldered across
    the conductive ends of the existing fuse case. I would only look into
    this if the warranty is expired. It is an easy fix, be $2 for the
    replacement fuse, be $10 for silver epoxy if it risky to solder in
    the area. I've done this on three laptops which are still functioning
    only one with the epoxy. I wish I knew the mechanism for the DC
    overload, one of the laptops had a water spill, the other two are
    mysteries to me."

    1. I would attempt this if there was some sort of more "cookbook"
    2. If someone can point out where i actually came across this
    posting, that would be helpful.
    3. Or if any of you had good experience with any reliable shop that
    could fix this for cheap, please let me know.

    e, Aug 26, 2004
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  2. e

    Quaoar Guest

    That was my posting from several months ago. It was in response, AIRC,
    to a loptop that would run on battery but not on AC power. An opened
    fuse can be the source of that problem. I am not familiar with the 70
    vs 90 watt adapter problem you mention, except that it is alleged that
    the problem was fixed with a BIOS update in the 8200.

    Quaoar, Aug 26, 2004
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