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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by ~misfit~, May 29, 2012.

  1. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    I see that RCN have these again, at $99 +GST - but you didn't hear it from
    me. Last time I posted here about them having these awesome monitors
    apparently they got flooded with requests from folks and they are in fact
    wholesale only (but if you're nice and/or can convince them you're in
    business....) and they asked a couple of folks how they heard of them.

    Anyway, just a quick word to the wise. However please don't mention me, I
    was berated last time and nearly lost my account with them. It's just lucky
    that I was mates with the floor-managers Father and opened his first
    computer, an Amiga, when he was in his early teens and fixed it for him.
    That gave him 'the bug' and he ended up in the biz.

    If you don't know about these monitors try Google. Last time I checked Dell
    were *still* selling these as they are still in demand, especially from
    folks working with photographic apps - as (most) cameras are 4:3 and so are
    these monitors.

    Also, TTBOMK *all* 2007Fpbs that came into NZ were the S-IPS variant (but
    don't kill me if I'm wrong). The 'tell' is the serial number. If it ends in
    'L' (for LG-Philips) it's S-IPS but if it ends in 'S' (for Samsung) it's an
    S-PVA display.

    The S-PVA displays are pretty good but the S-IPS displays are bloody

    Just FYI.....

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, May 29, 2012
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  2. ~misfit~

    Gib Bogle Guest

    US Dell has these going for $429. Can this be the same monitor?
    Gib Bogle, May 29, 2012
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  3. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Yeah, why do you think I posted about them here? They were NZ$1,250 in NZ
    when new in 2007[1] and are Dell's longest-running model ever. I have one on
    my desk and one in the back room as a spare they're that good. You want to
    see what TV *can* look like? It has an RCA composite input. (Although I
    suppose that it's possible to get colours that natural and intense from
    these newer generation TVs now?)

    The good thing about getting them from RCN is you could ask to get one with
    a serial that ends in 'L' (although, as mentioned I think that all that were
    sold in NZ were 'L', or S-IPS) and get the good one. I picked both of mine
    up. If you buy from Dell you could get either. (Google "The Dell Lottery".)

    [1] I read a review of the monitor in 2007 in a magazine - they'd got an IPS
    one - and fantacised about maybe owning something that good one day. (Don't
    forget the price then!) I couldn't believe my luck when RCN first had them
    in - and I got two that were not only IPS but were less than 12 months old.

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, May 29, 2012
  4. ~misfit~

    Gib Bogle Guest

    Amazing. Now I just need to know how to buy from RCN (I'd never heard
    of them before).
    Gib Bogle, May 29, 2012
  5. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Go to their website and open an account? Just a thought. :)

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, May 30, 2012
  6. ~misfit~

    Gib Bogle Guest

    Very amusing. Their site doesn't provide much helpful info. For
    example, there is no mention of "account" anywhere. It is not possible
    to register (assuming this means opening an account) - "Registration is
    closed Sorry, you are not allowed to register by yourself on this site!
    You must either be invited by one of our team member or request an
    invitation by email at sales {at} rcn {dot} co {dot} nz."
    Is this what you did?

    I looked for some mention of "Dell monitor", but only found some sales
    flyers, the latest 11 April, with some good buys but no 2007Fpb.

    Any tips?
    Gib Bogle, May 30, 2012
  7. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to be funny. I didn't know that.
    As I mentioned, I know the floor manager personally (and have for 20+ years)
    and he set me up with an account when we 're-connected' about six years ago.

    I would suggest that you email and request, as you mention. I don't see that
    as my cookies log me in.
    Ahh, OK. IIRC you only get to see stock after you log in, when you're
    registered. I'm not sure how folks from here managed to buy monitors last
    time but think perhaps that there have been changes to the web-site since
    then, probably because of quite a few 'members of the public' emailing or
    phoning enquiring about the monitors.

    (I know that several people got them last time as I've been the recipient of
    favours on occasion and when I've said "I owe you one" I've been told I
    don't as they got one or two of those Dell monitors.)

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, May 30, 2012
  8. ~misfit~

    Gib Bogle Guest

    On 30/05/2012 5:14 p.m., ~misfit~ wrote:
    Thanks for all that explanation. Will give it a shot.

    Gib Bogle, May 30, 2012
  9. ~misfit~

    AD. Guest

    I can vouch for the monitors - I've got two of them on my machine at
    work :)

    One in landscape mode and one in portrait mode.

    They don't tend to make monitors like they used to.
    AD., May 31, 2012
  10. ~misfit~

    Richard Guest

    Im probably going to get one of those 27" QHD ones off ebay from korea
    once I have room on my card next month.

    But at $99 a pop the dells seem to be the business. Anyone know how easy
    it is to buy from RCN? I have a company that actually does need to buy
    some computers in its name shortly, so no problems if they will only
    sell to GST registered businesses, but do they care if you are in the IT
    game at all?
    Richard, Jun 2, 2012
  11. ~misfit~

    Gib Bogle Guest

    This is the info they require (I can't do this):

    Trading Name: ________________________________________________Years

    Registered/Company Name: ________________________________ Date
    Incorporated:______________ Incorporation #:____________________

    Type of Organisation: Company/Partnership/Trust/Sole Trader (delete as
    Contact Address:
    Mailing Address:
    Phone No(s): _______________________________Fax
    No:__________________________________ Mobile No:__________________________
    Sales Contact: _____________________________________ Purchasing Contact:
    Engineering Contact: _________________________________ Nature of
    Business: ___________________________________________________
    Authorised Capital: __________________________ Paid Up Capital:
    _____________________________ No of Staff: ______________________

    Registered Office:
    Is the Company part of a Group? Yes/No
    Name and Address of Holding Company:
    Average Monthly Credit Required: ________________________________
    This will be determined by your account manager.
    Person Responsible for Payments: _____________________________
    Professional References:
    Bank: ________________________________ Branch:
    _____________________________ Acct No:
    Trade/Credit References: (Three Required)

    Principal Shareholders/Directors and/or Partners/Proprietors:
    (Position with FULL name, address, date of birth and phone)
    Position: ______________________________ Name:
    _______________________________________Home Phone:
    Address: Date of Birth: ________________________
    Position: ______________________________ Name:
    _______________________________________ Home Phone:
    Address: Date of Birth: ________________________

    As applicant, we have read and acknowledge and accept the RCN &
    Associates Limited Terms and Conditions of Sale on the reverse of this
    application and agree to be bound by them. We agree that this document
    constitutes a security agreement as defined in section 16 of the
    Personal Property Securities Act 1999. We certify that the information
    given in this document is true and correct and that we are authorised to
    make this application on behalf of the Buyer. In consideration of the
    Company’s supply at our request of goods and services to the Applicant
    we personally guarantee to the Company the due and punctual performance
    by the Applicant of its obligations to the Company.
    Gib Bogle, Jun 2, 2012
  12. ~misfit~

    Gib Bogle Guest

    When I saw all that stuff about solicitors, banks, etc I switched off.
    Now I see that it only applies if I want credit, which, of course, like
    you I don't. Reminds me of the old teachers' advice at exam time: "Read
    the questions carefully!"
    Gib Bogle, Jun 6, 2012
  13. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Heh! Yep. Also, when it came to the fields asking for the various contacts I
    just put "Self" and number of staff: 1. They had no problems with it then.
    Best of luck if you're going ahead, they tend to run out of those monitors
    quickly, hence me posting about it within a few minutes of getting the

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, Jun 7, 2012
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