Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by claw, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. claw

    claw Guest

    Who won?
    Try not to flame or pitch a diatribe.
    Just post Kerry or Bush.
    claw, Oct 1, 2004
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  2. claw

    Ira Levant Guest

    Ira Levant, Oct 1, 2004
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  3. claw

    Agnes L. Guest

    | Who won?
    | Try not to flame or pitch a diatribe.
    | Just post Kerry or Bush.

    Agnes L., Oct 1, 2004
  4. claw

    Freddy Guest

    Anyone know of a site dedicated to this i.e. a voting site?
    Freddy, Oct 1, 2004
  5. claw

    grayghost Guest

    Depends on what you define win to be...

    On paper, sure, Kerry did. In reality as to how you would take what the
    candidates said away from the debate and actually apply it to real plans,
    grayghost, Oct 1, 2004
  6. claw

    pcbutts1 Guest

    pcbutts1, Oct 1, 2004
  7. claw

    grayghost Guest

    Well, I like the idea that he wants us out of Iraq ASAP, and then by the
    end of the debate he's saying that we need to be there to win the war and
    not just leave...
    grayghost, Oct 1, 2004
  8. claw

    Ionizer Guest

    Here's the Google News list of all the related articles:

    And listen to Howard Stern tomorrow morning, particularly if you are
    anti-Bush. Come to think of it, pro-Bush types should do themselves a
    favour and check out the show also.

    Ionizer, Oct 1, 2004
  9. claw

    Dan Evans Guest

    Being rightpondian, I haven't seen the debate yet (and being busy, I might
    not anyway) so can't comment on what was said directly, but getting out of
    Iraq ASAP isn't incompatible needing to win the war and not just leaving.


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    Dan Evans, Oct 1, 2004
  10. svcsdbmghgdf
    Vishram Khora, Oct 1, 2004
  11. claw

    Ionizer Guest

    Bush said the same thing last night but, like you, he used it in the wrong
    Ionizer, Oct 1, 2004
  12. claw

    Bradley26 Guest


    but you have to define "won". If you mean who presented more facts and had
    mastery of the issues? Bush won

    Kerry was hyper ranting, to those who do not know what he talked about, may
    have believed him more energetic

    Kerry wants to turn over control of the United States to the world court,
    who wants to prosecute American soldiers for invading Iraq.

    Kerry would appoint atheist, socialist and anti American billionaire George
    Soros to some high level spot to begin the assimilation of the USA into the
    United Nations control.

    While the USA needs bunker busting nuke bombs to win the war on terror,
    Kerry opposes these weapons. In fact, the secret Kerry Senate record shows
    he voted to cut almost every weapons program there is, and ones we use
    today. Incredibly he blamed the president for not having enough protection
    for our troops.

    Kerry voted against the $87B for our troops, then lies by saying Bush didnt
    support it and saying parents of soldiers have to buy protective gear for
    their son or daughter and mail it to them in Iraq

    Kerry has taken at least 8 different positions on Saddam and the Iraq war
    over the past 8 years. (and 2 years as applicable)

    Kerry brags about having a communist Chinese rifle as memorbilia from
    Vietnam. Its pointed out that owning such a rifle is illegal. He retracts
    this and said he never claimed to own the rifle, his staffers made the

    Kerry says to auto makers he owns 5 SUVs then says to environmental types
    that he doesnt own any. when confronted, he said he meant his "family" owns
    the 5 suvs

    Kerry wants to proceed with North Korea where Clinton left off, Clintons
    staff gave Kim Jong (mentally) Ill the nuke u lar material for "a power
    plant" then they spit at the USA and started enriching the material to make
    bombs. Kerry was in the Senate, did he sponsor any legislation to attack
    this threat? NO. Bush staffers managed to get 5 other nations in the region
    to demand North Korea disarm the nukes. Kerry took the stand he would deal
    directly with Kim Jong Il. And it appears Madelline Allbright, the person
    who caused problems in foreign relations, would be re appointed to do more

    Kerry has never confronted the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who show proof
    Kerry lied to get his medals, lied to get out of duty, betrayed the USA by
    meeting with enemies of the USA during wartime; Kerry and his staff know the
    Swifties are telling the truth but he reacts by having CBS invent fake
    documents about Bushes Guard service, which may lead to Dan Rather being

    Kerry equated service in the US National Guard as being equal to draft
    dodging, being a criminal, etc

    Kerry is unfit for command
    Bradley26, Oct 1, 2004
  13. claw

    grayghost Guest


    I guess you could say that I would like to see the US leave Iraq, I have
    lost a close friend over there. However, I think that if we do not stay
    and see this through and we just leave as some might suggest we do before
    they flip flop their stance again, then we will have done more harm to that
    area of the world as well as our integrity in all the world

    grayghost, Oct 2, 2004
  14. claw

    Dan Evans Guest

    Too late, the damage is already done, and the rest of the world hates/is
    scared of you. It's going to take years for things to settle down.


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    Dan Evans, Oct 3, 2004
  15. claw

    Bradley26 Guest

    no, it wasnt an illegal act, not at all, in any way based upon US law. But
    to anti American countries who hate the USA? yes they think so.

    there was UN resolution 1441, demanding Iraq comply or face consequences.
    December 2002, Iraq defiantly proved it would disregard the international
    community and the UNs 17th amendment that even France and Germany signed

    Bush is a man of his word, and took the world to war against Iraq for all
    the right reasons.

    It was Saddams acts that brought war. Detractors to the war? they were
    around in World War 2 saying it would be wrong for the US to get involved.
    They wanted Hitler to take over. Is being ruled by Hitler so bad? The same
    mindset existed Dec 2002 as mindless imbeciles protested the possible use of
    military force in Iraq. whining crybabies bemoaned the idea as "oil for
    blood" or some nonsense

    During that time, France, Russia and Germany were all involved in letting
    Iraqi men, women and children be tortured and slaughtered and starved as
    these countries participated in the UN oil for food scandal, sending
    billions of dollars to Saddams regime while Iraqis died

    yes it was blood for oil. the Iraqi peoples innocent blood, France Russia
    and Germanys oil

    the 911 commission proved Saddam and al queda were linked solidly. former
    president Clinton asserted they were linked, do you believe him? former
    Secy of defense William Cohen testified at the 911 commission this past
    summer saying the bombing of the so called "aspirin factory" was part of a
    covert operation where the US and allies uncovered a massive VX/nerve gas
    factory and al queda was buying technology from Saddam!

    Terrorist sympathizers sued the government. Now as you may know, if
    documents are subpeona'd they will become public. Not wanting top military
    secrets in current operations to be disclosed, the US government settled out
    of court.

    The timing was the Clinton/Lewinski investigation, many didnt believe it was
    legitimate, but the 1998 bombing of the aspirin factory was part of Clintons
    disclosure that Saddam and al queda were working together

    oh this is baloney and you know it. Kerry supports socialist causes, higher
    taxes. he wants people to be stupider, which helps socialist tyrants.

    Kerry lied about it. the US has hired Iraqi welders to install armour plate
    in Hum vees for years now, Kerry voted against helping our troops, then says
    they dont have enough.

    as for budgets? what if terrorists destroy several major US cities? do YOU
    think it would have been worth it then??

    No, I think this is a democrat smoke screen to hide the democrats illegal
    selling of secrets to US enemies and blaming Ollie North and the Contra
    issue as somehow being wrong, when it was right

    , even bin Laden (remember him? The US's most wanted
    lets look at bin Laden. The morning of 911, a friend called me and asked
    what is going on? is this armageddom? Im in California so the call woke me
    up in the 7am hour. both world trade center buildings are gone.
    they are gone, destroyed.

    the pentagon hit with an airliner. the white house possibly a target.

    whats going on? I said this is probably the work of the mastermind
    terrorist usama bin laden, who tried to blow up the trade center in 1993 and
    blew a hole in the USS Cole in Aug 2000.

    That was 9/11 and I was correct. We made ubl the most wanted terrorist in
    the world.

    Do you know what happened shortly after?? anything come to mind?? yes, the
    war in Afganistan! the US moilized and obliterated the taliban. bin Laden
    was last known to be in the Tora Bora region, laced with caves and rugged
    mountain terrain. the US bombed that area agressively

    Its my belief that bin Laden was killed December 2001 in Tora Bora by US

    the infamous Michael (traitor) Moore film shows president Bush saying we
    dont care about bin Laden.

    flip flop or fact?

    since bin Laden has not been confirmed to be alive, and since the Afganistan
    war has not been apparently calling the shots? president Bush insulted bin
    Laden by saying he is no longer a threat. In fact I dont know where he is,
    and dont really care. he is no longer our top priority.

    bin Laden was shut down, or killed. thats a fact.
    what?? Reagan has battled communism since the 1940s and note Reagan riding
    the bus alone in Hollywood? that took courage. Since that bus ride, when
    has Reagan ever changed on Russia?
    COUGH...SPEW...CHOKE.......WHAT?? are you kidding?

    Kerrys own book shows he wasnt under attack, but the other records show he
    claimed to be under attack to get the first 2 purple hearts. clear lie.

    In military/gov documents? once something is filed, its treated as solid
    granite. Kerry lied about the Sampan incident, his book says there was a
    mom/dad and a small child hiding under the dad. Kerry has the gunner open
    fire and killed the dad and child, and records the murdered childs memory
    has haunted him to this day. But? on the official documents, Kerry says 5
    vietcong soldiers were in the boat shooting at him.

    Kerry already took back his story he was in Cambodia on Christmas eve 1968.
    Kerry and Hanoi Jane Fonda betrayed the USA

    Bush is one of the greatest presidents ever.

    re elect Bush/Cheney 2004
    Bradley26, Oct 3, 2004
  16. claw

    grayghost Guest

    Dan -- I agree with you that the damage is already done, however the
    damage was already done many many years ago... the moment that we started
    launching cruise missiles into other countries to take out "targets" you
    could say that we became a force to be reckoned with that most countries
    are afraid of. I'm not quite sure how we're suppose to rebuild our image
    though consider that to do so would require basically closing our borders
    and keeping to ourselves :-\

    grayghost, Oct 3, 2004
  17. claw

    Dan Evans Guest

    Since when does US law apply outside US borders?
    So you mean that even though the US should tell the UN to fsck off, the US
    will still follow UN resolutions? If the UN wanted Iraq invading, why didn't
    the UN sign off the invasion?
    bin Laden? Bush wasn't going to rest until bin Laden was caught.
    Is this the W'sMD? Or the Al Qa'ida/Iraq link? Admit it, Bush was pissed at
    Iraq as they were pricing their oil in Euros, and there was an opportunity
    for him and his buddies to make money.
    The US didn't get any oil from this programme?
    without disclsing it to anyone.

    Well, dropping taxes so there is less coming in than is going out isn't
    doing anyone any favours, and lets not forget how much education budgets
    have dropped recently.
    Matters not a jot to me, it's a result of US foreign policy anyway.
    Yes, your point? I came to the same conclusion when I was told (middle of
    the day here, about dinnertime)
    So why has the team looking for him had its budget cut?
    Not quite obliterated, they hanging around the border with Pakistan. Now
    that the Taliban are gone, is the war on drugs going to start again? I'm
    just wondering since just about every farmer tht wasn't allowed to grow
    poppies under the Taliban have gone back into Opium production.
    Though there has been video of him since then. If he was killed, why has the
    tape been passed as genuine (I don't beleive that actually, I'm sure at
    least one is fake)
    Depends doesn't it? When did he say it, and in what context?
    Or biding his time in Sudan
    Well, since the wall came down, and Glasnost appeared on the scene.
    Yeah, I agree with that. If he gets in again, the US will be so broke that
    it won't be able to afford the bus fare for a weekend in Mexico, never mind
    invading other countries. It'd give the rest of us some peace.


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    Dan Evans, Oct 3, 2004
  18. claw

    Dan Evans Guest

    Yeah, that'd help. Then we wouldn't get some great fatass reaching the top
    of the escalator in the metro at rush hour stopping dead, and saying "All
    these goddam signs are in mexican".

    Yeah, no shit Sherlock, your're in Spain, and you're in the fscking way of
    200 people all trying to get off the escalator.


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    Dan Evans, Oct 3, 2004
  19. claw

    grayghost Guest


    Ummm, right... not quite sure how that relates...

    grayghost, Oct 3, 2004
  20. claw

    Bradley26 Guest

    "Dan Evans"
    if Kerry gets elected, he will transfer soverignty of the USA outside US
    borders, he said so in the debate, he supports George Soros who obviously
    plans it, Kerrys new mistress/wife Tereza Heinz donates millions of dollars
    to extremist left wing agenda groups by the Tides foundation

    no, the 15 member security council all agreed Iraq had to comply or face
    war. Iraq snubbed their nose again, Bush had the courage to lead the war.
    He kept his word

    thats not something he said, but bin Laden has been in hiding or was killed.
    he is still being sought, 25Million dollar reward. bin Laden liked to make
    videos and be seen. Since Tora Bora? he was either grossly disfigured, or
    killed. he is not active anymore, so face reality, there is not much there
    to chase after, bin Laden was shut down
    no, this is not correct, Id suggest you pay more attention and care to
    facts. Iraq was selling oil illegally and France, Russia and Germany were
    buying illegally. The oil money was supposed to be for humanitarian aid to
    Iraqi people, but even that went to Saddams regime, for lavish palaces while
    Iraqi people starved and died.

    yes it was blood for oil. the anti war protesters caused Iraqi people to
    die, the sniveling, filthy anti American peace protesters literally
    empowered terrorism, and empowered Saddams defiance while he had Iraqis

    And whats horrible is people actually say there was something wrong with
    invading Iraq and setting those people free
    you can check, Im very confident the answer is NO. There is a massive
    scandal being exposed, its called the UN oil for food scandal
    it was proven, there was not a doubt. Clinton saw the threat and spoke
    about it, Kerry said the same thing, in one of his 8 positions where Saddam
    needed to be taken out, he was a serious threat, etc

    why do you think lowering taxes causes less overall tax revenue income?
    Actually lowering taxes the way Bush did, has and will cause more tax
    revenue. John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did this in 1960s/80s for this
    reason and its worked then, and works now

    education budgets have dropped? oh, I thought that was just a democrat
    propaganda talking point lie they hope that people interested in college
    will believe without doing any actual research on it.

    no child left behind? thats not about paying lousy teachers in lousy schools
    more cash, its about holding schools accountable, its working in Texas, hey
    thats where Bush was Governor? what do you know...

    I see, the apathetic, uncaring, lazy slacker mentality of gutless parasites
    aged 20+ who still need their mother to dress and feed and care for them.
    Its more the result of the democrat/Clintons foreign policy of appeasing and
    supporting terrorists, the incompetent Richard Clarke advising Clinton to
    back down or smile and let terrorists do whatever they wanted. the 911
    attack can be blamed on Clinton and his staff, since Clinton was offered bin
    Laden 3 times and he was too afraid to arrest or kill him.

    matters not a jot to you? that means youre not only NOT an American, youve
    got no character and represent the worst mindset a person can hold
    right but bin Laden is very, or was very smart. He could have made many
    videos based on many possible scenarios, even I could figure that out, he
    analyzes and studies what the US could do, makes 10 or more videos based on
    the various possible outcomes, the US has captured Iraq for now perhaps,
    but... then add some threat; the US has invaded Syria in retaliation for
    xyz, and then, some threat... So whatever the US might do, bin Laden made
    a general statement. He was killed in Tora Bora and the bin Laden gang
    picks a video at some point in time and hands it to Al Jazzera, the
    terrorist news network, who plays it. the Intelligence agencies world wide
    say yes, it appears to be authentic, its bin Laden talking
    Bradley26, Oct 4, 2004
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