Deaths of key people involved with MOON HOAX RELIGIOUS program in NASA/Secret agency/Vatican Nexus

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by moonlandinghoaxreligious, May 30, 2005.



    Deaths of key people involved with the Apollo program

    Hoax believers allege that the deaths of 10 astronauts and others
    related to the program were part of a cover-up, and that NASA or other
    U.S. government agencies were disposing of people who they feared would
    'blow the whistle'. However, given that many tens (or hundreds) of
    thousands of individuals, often with US Air Force-related careers, were
    involved in the Apollo program, it is perhaps unsurprising that some
    individuals have died in the intervening decades.

    * Ed Givens (car accident)
    * Ted Freeman (T-38 crash)
    * C. C. Williams (T-38 accident)
    * Elliott See and Charlie Bassett (T-38 accident)
    * Virgil "Gus" Grissom (supposedly an outspoken critic of the Space
    Program) (Apollo 1 fire)
    * Ed White (Apollo 1 fire)
    * Roger Chaffee (Apollo 1 fire)
    * X-15 pilot Mike Adams (the only X-15 pilot killed during the X-15
    flight test program - not a NASA astronaut, but had flown X-15 above 50
    * Robert Lawrence, scheduled to be an Air Force Manned Orbiting
    Laboratory pilot who died in a jet crash shortly after reporting for
    duty to that (later cancelled) program.
    * NASA worker Thomas Baron (claimed to be a coverup of a 500 page
    report on the Apollo 1 accident).
    * Lee Gelvani claims to have almost convinced James Irwin, an
    Apollo 15 astronaut whom Gelvani referred to as an "informant", to
    confess about a cover-up having occurred. Irwin was supposedly going to
    ring Kaysing about it; however he died of a heart attack before any
    such telephone call occurred.

    The landing believers point out that spacecraft testing and flying high
    performance jet aircraft can be dangerous, and that all but one of the
    astronaut deaths (Irwin's) were directly related to their rather
    hazardous job. The hoax believers include two non-astronauts in their
    collection of 10 'astronauts' - (Mike Adams was only considered an
    astronaut because he had flown the X-15 above 50 miles altitude, but
    was not associated otherwise with manned spaceflight. Robert Lawrence
    died in a jet crash shortly before reporting to the Air Forces Manned
    Orbiting Laboratory program, not NASA's space program). Astronaut James
    Irwin had suffered several heart attacks in the years prior to his
    death. Gelvani's claim that Irwin was about to come forward would be
    difficult to confirm and must be considered as hearsay.
    moonlandinghoaxreligious, May 30, 2005
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  2. moonlandinghoaxreligious

    Doug Robbins Guest

    WTF does this have to do with digital photography?
    Doug Robbins, May 30, 2005
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