Date stamp and how to change on a doc.file

Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by vikingwoman61, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. vikingwoman61


    Apr 7, 2009
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    I am about as ignorant as they come in regard to computers......I recently learned that the date stamp on computer files/docs can be altered and that there is software that enables the user to alter it.

    My question is; WHY would you want to alter a date stamp on a doc? Are there legitimate reasons for doing this?

    I have concerns that some work related docs have been altered to protect certain individuals.

    vikingwoman61, Apr 7, 2009
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  2. vikingwoman61


    Jun 22, 2009
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    they can be altered, but any security admin will query actions which users used to alter file properties...Everything leaves a trace. Everything.

    Now, someone would alter a date stamp to control the perception of time relating to said document or the completion time of said document. There are legitimate reasons (like grouping with a batch of other documents to make sorting easier --- other reasons are obvious: someone simply opened the file and resaved it, changing it automatically with a later date....but most weasels alter it to make docs appear that they came *before* they really did

    Be careful. hope this helps.
    jbuyers, Jun 22, 2009
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