Datacenter NMS/ NetOps / Admin Question

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by R I G Consulting, Inc., Nov 9, 2011.

  1. This is a broad question addressed to consumers of NMS (Network
    Management Systems) dealing with large networks (organically growing
    nodes) or just stable size datacenters. This is a sweeping term that
    covers IT Network Managers, IT Admins, Network Ops, Cable Operators,
    Hardware Integrators, Vendors..etc...anyone dealing with Network
    Management (host side network monitoring or management)

    1. What % of your network is manageable through SNMP (an SNMP based
    manager/NMS) -- would you say for example X% is managed through SNMP
    and the rest of the (100-X)% is managed through methods other than
    SNMP (because there is no MIB support for certain aspects etc). What
    is X in your experience?

    2. If you use something like HP OenView etc. then are you able to
    cover the entire X% that can be dealt through SNMP?

    3. Could you please give me an example of how the other (100-X)% looks
    like? Are these mostly manual configuration scenarios or something
    like WMI/SysLog based monitoring and maual actions? Server/Hardware
    recovery/power-cycle secnarios?

    4. Are there any MIBs for network security configurations -- these may
    be vendor (for example Cisco proprietary MIBs for their firewalls)
    specific, but are there standards yet for the general purpose security
    configurations? If so what are these RFCs?

    Any response is appreciated. Please respond with positive
    identfication if possible. References to articles, RFCs, URLs are
    welcome. Someone has done research in this area (or) want to research
    in this area (in the capacity of a consultant), or want to share
    information, and want to invoice by the hour for their work, please
    respond here as such. Or contact using the contact information below.

    Rig Consulting, Inc.
    [email protected][nospam]
    R I G Consulting, Inc., Nov 9, 2011
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