Dark City

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Raul Bloodworth, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Ah well,Wal-Mart philistines have sent it to the Sale Bin accompanying the
    "Ernest Goes to...." Was one of the first two DVDs ever owned. Just
    watched it tonight , good as ever!
    Raul Bloodworth, Jan 4, 2004
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  2. Well that's certainly cool for people that don't have the DVD. It wasn't
    one of my very first DVDs, but it was added to my collection shortly after
    getting my first DVD player. Dark City certainly has to be one of the best
    sci-fi films in recent years.
    Michael Black, Jan 4, 2004
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  3. Raul Bloodworth

    Tarkus Guest

    Best Buy had it for $5.99 (or thereabouts) several months ago. They
    called it a special purchase, though. Not sure if they still have it for
    that price.
    "I don't want no volunteers, I don't want no mates. There's too many
    captains on this island. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For
    that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing."

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    Tarkus, Jan 4, 2004
  4. Raul Bloodworth

    Lookingglass Guest

    Terrific movie... very imaginative... better than the Matrix.

    Dave Chabot www.Shemakhan.com
    Lookingglass, Jan 4, 2004
  5. Raul Bloodworth

    Peter Briggs Guest

    Not only do I think it's one of the worst sci-fi films I've seen in
    recent years, it's got to be one of the worst films I'vve ever sat
    through in a movie theater...
    Peter Briggs, Jan 5, 2004
  6. Raul Bloodworth

    Peter Briggs Guest

    Peter Briggs, Jan 5, 2004
  7. Raul Bloodworth

    Lookingglass Guest

    What is it about DARK CITY you don't like? Whereas MATRIX is an excuse to
    display some great special effects, DARK CITY is an intriguing "film
    noiresque" story that happens to be a fantasy of sorts... I think the
    production of the film is terrific...the changing cityscape is a wonderful
    visuall... the story is an odd one, but then I like to be surprised and
    entertained... the acting is good... I also like THE CITY OF LOST
    CHILDREN... very imaginative and a great production.

    Dave Chabot www.Shemakhan.com
    Lookingglass, Jan 5, 2004
  8. Raul Bloodworth

    Wade365 Guest

    << Not only do I think it's one of the worst sci-fi films I've seen in
    recent years, it's got to be one of the worst films I'vve ever sat
    through in a movie theater... >>

    I fell asleep in the theater, but I've come to like it a lot better since
    staying awake and seeing it on home video... I remember the day I went, I was
    definitely tired but at the time I blamed the film... it deserved a better

    Still not great or anything... didn't Peter Lorre's estate sue Sutherland over
    the performance? They should have.
    Wade365, Jan 5, 2004
  9. Raul Bloodworth

    Tabernacle Guest

    Ain't it funny how some things work out? Seeing as this was one of the
    titles that I missed when it first came out as it had come out before
    I got my first DVD player (and so it was gone off the stores shelves
    by that time), and so as a result I have spent almost 18 months
    looking for a decent copy (almost got one on ebay a year ago for
    $14.40 but got outbid at the last minute... literally) and here I not
    only find it in the $5.88 bin but it is now going for $5.50 at that!

    Not bad for a dvd that listed for $25.00!
    Tabernacle, Jan 5, 2004
  10. Raul Bloodworth

    Tabernacle Guest

    I really liked it a lot as well seeing as it had that same feel like
    that of the first Alien movie! In fact the only thing that I think
    might have made it a little better was if Jennifer Connelly (Emma) had
    been in a little more of it and if she had shown a lot more skin (say
    if she had been a stripper or the friend/coworker of the hooker that
    got slashed rather than a singer in a bar)!

    BTW I had heard that she was going to star in a new movie called "Dark
    Water" which I hoped was a sequel to Dark City (which had also been
    called in the past "Dark World" and Dark Empire") but alas it turns
    out dark water is only a plain old horror movie/ghost story!
    Tabernacle, Jan 5, 2004
  11. Is that a remake of the Japanese Dark Water? I knew it was coming...

    It will be terrible. The Japanese Dark Water is terrific, I can
    reccomend that to anyone. It is definately not "plain old", but I
    expect that the US version will be.

    Mischa van Dinter, Jan 5, 2004
  12. Raul Bloodworth

    Mr Muckle Guest

    Amazon France Dark City DVD:

    Just as an FYI in this thread on Dark City to those interested, France
    a Special Edition DVD replete with a full bit-rate English DTS track that,
    these ears, is every bit as good as the DTS laserdisc, released 'back in the
    Highly recommended.
    Mr Muckle, Jan 5, 2004
  13. Raul Bloodworth

    Stan Brown Guest

    Stan Brown, Jan 5, 2004
  14. Raul Bloodworth

    Stan Brown Guest

    <1g739e0.1v0lz0y1sxl640N%[email protected]!cinescribe.demon.co.uk> in
    Gee, thanks for that thoughtful and incisive review.

    I found it several cuts above the usual crap marketed as "sci fi"
    because it was full of ideas. What is reality? What is memory? When
    both can be changed by an act of someone's will (or a hypodermic)
    all bets are off.

    What does your identity mean? If your memories are changed, are you
    even you any more? Was Jennifer Connelly the movie cashier the same
    person as Jennifer Connelly the lounge singer that Rufus Sewell had
    been in love with?

    In many "sci-fi" films., the special effects seem to take on their
    own imperative. In /Dark City/, the special effects were impressive,
    but almost always in the service of the plot. The shifting buildings
    were a wonderful part of the big chase scene. (The effects in the
    final fight with Mr Book didn't work so well for me.)

    Finally, the movie has some _wonderful_ visuals. That shot of the
    sun rising over the city in space is the best argument I know
    against "full screen" videos.

    And the DVD is blessed with excellent commentary tracks, two of them
    if I recall correctly.
    Stan Brown, Jan 5, 2004
  15. Isn't it grand! How typical of so many film fans. Already prepared to
    declare a movie is horrible before knowing anything about who's doing it,
    little alone before seeing it. I mean, HEAVEN FORBID a beloved movie of any
    sort be remade!
    Michael Black, Jan 5, 2004
  16. Raul Bloodworth

    Steve Smith Guest

    I love the commentary track by Roger Ebert. It's great seeing a commentary
    track from a knowledgeable film reviewer that was not involved in the movie
    at all aside from watching it in the theatre. It's probably one of the only
    commentary tracks that I listened to the entire way through and even
    replayed parts to friends!

    I wish more DVDs had film reviewer commentary tracks, I don't know of any
    others. Anyone else know of any?

    Steve Smith, Jan 5, 2004
  17. Raul Bloodworth

    Hank Guest

    Rumor has it that Steve Smith put forth the following:
    Roger Ebert does a commentary track on the special edition DVD of Casablanca,
    for one.

    I'm pretty sure he did another commentary, but the title escapes me right now.

    Dallas, TX "Religion is a smile on a dog..." (New Bohs)
    ahsv at philipkdickdotcom
    Hank, Jan 5, 2004
  18. now.

    He did one for a little title called Citizen Kane as well.
    Michael Black, Jan 5, 2004
  19. Raul Bloodworth

    Mr. Moody Guest

    Maybe because they're invariably inferior? Name 1 remake made in the last 25
    years that was better than the original. I can name plenty that weren't.

    -Mr.Moody-Remove the don't like spam to mail
    The best DVDs ever created:
    Mr. Moody, Jan 5, 2004
  20. Oh please. I have no problems with remakes as such, it is just that
    lately, Hollywood just wants to make the SAME movie that was made
    somewhere else, just wishing it was their idea. Millions of people
    will miss out on the original, like Ring, which is a shame. Lots will
    not even know it is a remake, like all the dumb idiots on IMDB who
    applaude The Ring's originality.

    Hollywood's idea of originality is remaking a movie not many people
    have seen.

    A remake can be good, it just has to add something. These remakes like
    Dark Water and Ring are completely unnecesary, the movies are too
    recent. For an example of a good remake, I can name John Carpenter's
    the Thing. It was very different to the original, and because so much
    time had passed, the story could do with a retelling. Nothing like the
    recent remakes of Asian cinema.

    Mischa van Dinter, Jan 5, 2004
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