Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Gerrry, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. I got my first DVD in 1997, and I guess I have around 100 DVD:s.

    I have still not had the energy to watch a whole movie with
    commentaries. I don't feel the need, and I very rarely bother with the

    My requirements/preferences on a DVD:

    1) Good film
    2) Good surround audio track, DD or DTS
    3) Anamorphic widescreen (if it is wide)
    4) Original soundtrack. I never ever use a dubbed sound track!
    5) Swedish or english subtitles if the soundtrack is in another language.
    6) No flippers, unless it is a series or extremely long film.

    Thomas Tornblom, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. I find them marginally interesting but extras are too frequently
    lavished on undeserving titles and missing from those they would most

    Utter, unredeeming crap like Glitter, Freddy Got Fingered and Coyote
    Ugly gets directors commentaries and other junk presumably to drive
    sales, yet films which would really benefit from extras get nada. For
    example, just take a look at the extras that most Stanley Kubrick titles
    have on them.
    Cardinal Chunder, Jul 3, 2003
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  3. How is Dark City a rip off of Hellraiser? I really can't see much in
    common between the two. They both have baddies who are bald but that's
    about all.
    Cardinal Chunder, Jul 3, 2003
  4. Glitter has a director's commentary? This I must hear.

    John Harkness
    John Harkness, Jul 4, 2003
  5. Gerrry

    Codswallop Guest

    What I really like seeing, are "trivia" subtitle tracks (like the BTTF
    ones, though I don't care about the animations on it).

    I also like seeing subtitled commentaries, so I can watch the film and
    read about it if I feel like it (my girlfriend finds the commentaries
    pretty boring 99% of the time... Actually, I think she's right).
    Codswallop, Jul 4, 2003

  6. Depends on the extra crap -- a lot of the studio stuff tends to be
    exactly that --"The Making of " for E! or HBO First Look, canned
    interviews, etcetera. And there are people who should never be allowed
    to talk about their films in public.

    OTOH, I do like a good extra -- there are DVDs that I've kept for the
    extras. Pearl Harbor, The Sweetest Thing Unrated (for the actress
    commentary), and a few where a good extra has tipped the balance.

    John Harkness
    John Harkness, Jul 4, 2003
  7. Gerrry

    buck Guest

    buck, Jul 4, 2003
  8. Gerrry

    The Shadow Guest

    They are both in color.

    Sorry, my sarcasm got the best of me.
    The Shadow, Jul 4, 2003
  9. Gerrry

    Endymion9 Guest

    If you replace "movie critics" with "self proclaimed film students" you
    might be correct. But then that same group prefers Yoko Ono's film of a fly
    crawling along a body over The Empire Strikes Back.

    Dark City was good. The Matrix was great.

    ~dancing us from the darkest night is the rhythm of love powered by the
    beating of hearts~ - XTC
    Endymion9, Jul 4, 2003
  10. For commentaries everybody mentions standards like Terry Gilliam's
    tracks and Ebert's track on Citizen Kane, but nobody ever mentions the
    hilarious tracks on Steve Odekerk's Thumbmation movies. BTW,
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy had a *fantastic* subtitle-based trivia

    "It is dark, you are likely to be eaten by a grue."

    Grand Inquisitor
    Grand Inquisitor, Jul 4, 2003
  11. Gerrry

    Stan Brown Guest

    I hate commentaries where a bunch of people get together and just
    drink beer and yack. I love commentaries where the film makers or
    serious film mavens offer insightful comments or give behind-the-
    scenes information.
    Stan Brown, Jul 4, 2003

  12. depends on the film, doesn't it? I mean, there are certain films that
    demand the yakking and the beer drinking. I mean, do you really want a
    serious commentary on Cannibal: The Musical?

    John Harkness
    John Harkness, Jul 4, 2003
  13. Gerrry

    Eps Guest

    Equilibrium wasn't meant for you, don't watch it again.
    Eps, Jul 4, 2003
  14. Gerrry

    Joshua Zyber Guest

    I won't. Trust me.
    Joshua Zyber, Jul 4, 2003
  15. Gerrry

    Tarkus Guest

    Don't most movies use a dubbed soundtrack?
    "The thing about a shark, it's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a
    doll's eyes. When it comes at you it doesn't seem to be livin'... until
    he bites you, and those black eyes roll over white."

    Now playing: "- Danger After Night disc 1 - 08 - In The Dead of Night"
    Tarkus, Jul 4, 2003
  16. Gerrry

    BC Guest

    I LIKE commentary tracks on DVDs - some can be pretty interesting and
    funny. Like the ones on Resident Evil and Neon Genesis Evangelion: The
    End of Eva for example. Some are pretty crap though, like the one for
    Jerry McGuire, which was basically the actors sitting around telling us
    how great everyone was, and laughing at their own jokes.

    BC, Jul 4, 2003
  17. Gerrry

    Jim Fitbod Guest

    And you obviously have. How many times do we have to hear this from you?
    Jim Fitbod, Jul 4, 2003
  18. Gerrry

    Angry Gamer Guest

    I was mainly referring to Ebert who is 4 out of 5 movies critics.
    Angry Gamer, Jul 4, 2003
  19. I never said I'd buy it -- Rent it, maybe.

    John Harkness
    John Harkness, Jul 4, 2003
  20. Gerrry

    Tallulah Guest

    Those can be terrible! The "look how clever I was"-commentary's.
    The best ones are done by John carpenter, especially the ones he did
    with Kurt Russel.
    Anacdotes, sometimes some interesting info and he never takes himself
    too serious.

    Tallulah, Jul 4, 2003
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