Dangers of Media Conglomeration (This Film is Not Yet Rated)

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Jordan, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Guest

    Wow, I just watched This Film is Not Yet Rated and was blown away. If
    you care about film you should see this movie. I was stunned at who
    the appeals board is.

    - Jordan
    Jordan, Feb 15, 2007
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  2. Jordan

    Richard C. Guest

    I just got it - have not watched it yet.
    What makes me mad is that the box says it is
    4x3 letterbox - WHY is it not anamorphic?

    Richard C., Feb 15, 2007
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  3. Jordan

    jordanlund Guest

    I dunno. Maybe it has something to do with it being shot on video?
    I've got a 16:9 set and didn't really notice anything amiss.

    - Jordan
    jordanlund, Feb 16, 2007
  4. Jordan

    Richard C. Guest

    By "anamorphic", I mean "enhanced for 16:9 sets".
    That has nothing do do with what it is shot on, but how the DVD is produced.
    This DVD is 1.85:1 set into a 4:3 frame. It is NOT anamorphic.
    It should be.
    You most likely are not using a progressive scan player,
    or you do not have it set right.
    Using a progressive scan player on a 16:9 set,
    there is indeed something amiss. The picture is "windowboxed".
    ALL DVDs over 1.34:1 should be anamorphic to show full resolution
    on a WS TV set.
    Richard C., Feb 16, 2007
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