Damn HP!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Calvin Crumrine, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Calvin Crumrine

    cozyhomelife Guest

    You could have returned the catridge, but your ignorance or your
    -----Actually, what you attempted to do is to give helpful information mixed
    in with contempt for others, and a need to continually feel "one up" by
    putting others down. You could have given the information without
    accusations or name calling. How wonderful it would have been if the tech
    guy I talked to had mentioned that I should send it back, but he said not a
    word, just went on about pins and settings inside the printer. Even if he
    had, it wouldn't have helped that night, because the store was closed and I
    needed to print THEN, that's why I bought the cartridge - I needed it. They
    are quite expensive, and even returning it means having to wait for the
    other one to come before you can print again, or spending the double the
    money right now so you can print now. You don't find it inconvenient to
    wait weeks for a new cartridge because the other one you paid quite a bit
    for didn't work? But, if calling people ignorant and stubborn has taken
    some pressure off of you to beat me down so you could feel 'one up', I'm
    happy for you Bob. Maybe you'll live longer because you took out your
    contempt for others on me, and it let some steam off.
    cozyhomelife, Feb 4, 2005
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