D-Link DSL 504T - I hate my router - No, I really really hate it!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Simon Harding, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Good day all! I wonder if anyone in the UK can assist me with a problem
    I am having with my D-LINK DSL 504T and Tesco.net ISP.

    I have read everything, lurked numerous help bulletin boards and even
    bothered the hell out of both D-Link and ISP help desks.

    The problem is that the darned thing looks like it is working, in fact,
    all its network tests say it is working so I think the problem is me...
    BUT if I remove the device and put it safely back in its box I can make
    my home network work perfectly as it had for many years before I bought
    said router.

    System setup prior to the router.

    2 pcs connected with a simple switch, sometimes a 3rd and 4th laptop
    were added all faultlessly. USB ADSL modem on PC1 with the others
    sharing the connection when attached. Windows firewall (I know, I don't
    need to hear it !!! *smile* ) AVG free (Again, I know *smile*) It works,
    it doesn't get sniffed very often and has never caught a virus in years
    but I feel a little exposed.

    Unpack router, inwardly digest instruction manual and change the IP
    setting so allow the router to be visible and access the config menus.
    Easy.. Configure ISP using enclosed checksheet and data provided by
    ISP. Link looks good, Router status shows "traffic". PCs can see each
    other, good sign, but where o where is the internet gone?

    I use Firefox and Thuderbird normally but I relented and switched to IE6
    to see if perhaps this box favoured it... but no.

    I hope someone can help or at least perhaps suggest that throwing the
    damned thing out the window and buying another router would be more

    Kind Regards

    Simon Harding, Jan 2, 2006
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  2. Simon Harding

    Mike Easter Guest

    Let's don't zoom past those lights so fast, and you didn't mention the
    configuration manager or the setup wizard.

    I'm looking at a .pdf I found here

    My view of your DSL 504T shows me the following lights - Power, Status,
    ADSL, Ethernet ports 1-4. My own situation is that I have a cable modem
    which is separate from my router, so I have lights on my cable modem and
    lights on my router. I also can look into my router with an html page,
    and so can you.

    You didn't say anything about the condition of your ADSL light, "A solid
    green light indicates a valid ADSL connection. A blinking green light
    indicates activity on the WAN (ADSL) interface."

    The status light guidelines say "Lights solid green during power on
    self-test (POST). Once the connection status has been settled, the light
    will blink green. If the indicator light is off after the POST, the
    system has failed and the device should be rebooted."

    Now on to interfacing with your router with your computer's browser...

    That manual also has all of the setup on the computer side -- and it
    also talks about accessing its configuration manager with your browser
    using using the username and password to get in -
    consult your manual.

    There's a setup wizard in there. How much of the above information are
    you OK with?
    Mike Easter, Jan 2, 2006
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  3. Simon Harding

    Duane Arnold Guest

    The bottom line here is to get on the phone with D-Link Tech Support and let
    them help you. If you go to the router's admin screens to the screen that
    shows you the DHCP IP that the router is using from the ISP and it starts
    with a 169.254 IP, then the router doesn't have a connection to the ISP to
    let it or the machines connected to it to access the Internet. This is
    usually due to some kind of mis-configuration on the user's part.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Jan 2, 2006
  4. Simon Harding

    Tony B Guest

    Have you disabled ICS? The router will now do the internet sharing so you
    don't need ICS anymore. Also are you using static or dynamic IP's?
    Suggest you set all PC's to receive IP's dynamically from the router and
    ensure that the routers DHCP server is turned on.
    Tony B, Jan 3, 2006
  5. Thanks Mike,

    Downloaded pdf and am preparing to start again. I am sure I loaded the
    most recent firmware but oddly the config wizard option, at the bottom
    of the first page after logging in, is not there. I shall check in again
    later with either success or failure.

    Simon Harding, Jan 3, 2006
  6. Hi Duane,

    I am guessing I missed something glaringly obvious and have spoken to
    D-Link but it all seems to be working at the link level. Will spend
    today trying one last time and will report back later, probably with an
    admission of my total dumbness :)

    Simon Harding, Jan 3, 2006
  7. The pdf in the link was different to the pdf on the disk shipped with
    the router. The wizard is certainly not there it seems there is more
    than one version of this router and I have version 2 with the latest
    firmware. HOWEVER the pdf you suggested was actually clearer and better
    written than the one shipped which was dated 2003!! Having taken a deep
    breath and tried again it works. If I knew what I'd done wrong the
    first several times with the shipped manual I'd admit it but believe me
    the thing looks the same, is configured the same and is working fine, I
    copied my saved config from when it didn't work back to make sure. I
    just moved it from between the front left speaker and the TFT.... I
    wonder ?!?!?!? because I couldn't be bothered running the power cable
    back through the conduit.

    Many thanks, you won't believe how close this router got to the window
    and it was probably innocent all along :)
    Simon Harding, Jan 3, 2006
  8. Simon Harding

    Mike Easter Guest

    The Adobe doc cover sez v1.0, but the .pdf is dated 2005 June 6. The
    graphics in the manual show an firmware number, but I can't see any
    firmware available at the site. The quickinstall docs there also say
    That's the important part.
    I presume you can access the configuration manager - that's a useful
    place for troubleshooting.
    Mike Easter, Jan 3, 2006
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