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Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Guest, Dec 13, 2005.

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    If you are the leader of an IT oriented user group, or if you are a member of
    an IT user group, you should know about Culminis, a free non-profit user
    group support association. Founded only three years ago by 13 user groups in
    the United States and Canada, Culminis has been growing like wildfire and now
    supports 682,217 members in 455 IT user groups and user group associations

    Here is an “unsolicited testimonial†from one of our member user group
    leaders that describes his feelings about Culminis.

    Subject: Big Orlando SQL Launch

    Ok, after about 6 months of being a member of Culminis I must pledge my
    allegiance to them. This is the second huge event they let the Florida SBS
    community participate in and we had the best table in the house. I had people
    from Tampa and Palm Beach groups helping and we totally kicked all the other
    vendors to the curb. Never put sales monkeys against it pro SBSers!

    Huge thanks to Tavis and Frank for the great advice, I had prepared over
    1500 promo pieces and my table was clean by 10 AM. Also big thanks to John
    Paul and Culminis for arranging for the table.

    Vlad Mazek, Orlando IT Professional Association (Orlando IT Pro)


    If you are involved with, or know of, a user group that could benefit from
    what Culminis has to offer please let us know. There is no charge for groups
    to join, and the benefits are significant. For more details on Culminis see

    Bill Zack
    United States Regional Director
    Culminis®, Inc.
    Guest, Dec 13, 2005
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    Guest Guest

    I will add my testimonial as president of the Montreal IT Professionals
    Community. We joined Culminis recently (they only came into Canada in the
    autumn) and have already been inundated with support. Jeff Loucks is the
    Director for Culminis Canada, and he has been very helpful in our dealings
    with Microsoft Canada.

    Recently we invited Jeff to attend one of our meetings. He came, brought
    his video equipment and filmed the presentations for us. He also came with
    prizes for members, as well as demo software for the attendees.

    As well we recently received our welcome kit, which included a plethora of
    software (Small Business Server, ISA Server 2004, FrontPage, Office, Virtual
    Server and more) to either use for the group, or to give away as prizes, plus
    all sorts of other benefits which every user group should have.

    Culminis also offers free to its members website hosting, including Share
    Point sites.

    These are only some of the advantages they offer, and I will urge all UG
    leaders to go onto to see what is available to them! It is
    worth your time!

    Guest, Dec 13, 2005
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