Crossover cables and problems

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by JD, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. JD

    JD Guest

    I found the Google Chrome OS intriguing but it would take me a month of
    Mondays to get the solution.
    JD, Sep 3, 2012
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  2. I'm not sure you can tell that the machine is booting if you cannot see the
    screen. The motherboard does a series of checks, then looks to the HDD for a
    boot sector so the process can continue. If the motherboard makes a couple
    of beeps and buzzes then hits a brick wall, how do you know what happens
    next if you cannot see anything?

    You have way too many unknowns to know what you do not know.

    If you cannot get the machine to start, and you cannot see what activity
    there is, or isn't, then you cannot see into the machine from another
    machine because the machine you want to see into requires you to set it up
    so other machines can see into it.

    You can pull the HDD from your advent and connect it do a device that turns
    it from an IDE or SATA drive into a USB drive. When it is a USB drive, then
    you can plug it into your laptop and recover any important files that it
    might contain, and that you want to retrieve.

    I'm all but absolutely certain that you should be able to simply plug in a
    video card and it should come up enough that you get a picture on the
    monitor. I'd say I am absolutely certain that you can do this, but there is
    a tiny bit of doubt. If you have a video card that works, then you should be
    able to get some level of response from your monitor.

    Have you tried to go into the basic setup to see what processes are
    happening? When you turn the machine on, repeatedly hit the DEL key to
    invoke the basic setting screen. Of course, you have to connect the monitor.
    If DEL doesn't get you there, then repeat and hit the ESC key. It that
    doesn't work, then repeat and try the F2 key. It that doesn't work, drag
    your machine out to the curb on trash day.
    Jeff Strickland, Sep 3, 2012
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  3. JD

    JD Guest

    The very same noises that were made after I bought it are made now when
    I boot up. I think the problem is with the motherboard.
    I had used those methods for a long time - way back to the early 1990s -
    and I know lots about computers. There was a little box for the HD, and
    the cable that connects the box to the computer had a "lump" of
    electronics. I always found that these lumps were short lived. I have
    several of those arrangements hanging around but they are all DEAD lumps.
    At first I setup the Gigabyte card and connected the Sony monitor to it,
    using the DVI-D cable. I started up again and there was nothing on the
    Sony screen. I removed that cable and installed the usual 15 pin
    connections. Nothing happened.

    I'd say I am absolutely certain that you can do this, but there
    I have used this video card in the past and had no trouble at that time.
    As I mentioned above, even with the 15 pin plugs there was no response.
    If I plug the Sony into the laptop with the same 15 pin cable, I get a
    great picture. I tried your Del, Esc and F2 for about 2 minutes and
    nothing happened.

    Thanks Jeff for your efforts.
    JD, Sep 3, 2012
  4. JD

    Paul Guest

    A74ML Series-En-Manual-V1.0.pdf 1,822,306 bytes

    "Advanced Chipset Features


    1. When using a non-ATI PCI Express (PCIe) graphics card, SurroudView
    is not supported.

    The integrated graphics processor (IGP) is automatically disabled, <--- good!
    and the system memory allocated to the IGP is freed for other use.

    2. When installing an ATI PCIe graphics card, SurroundView is disabled by default.
    Enabling SurroundView in the BIOS enabled the integrated UMA graphics
    controller, which in turn makes available uo to two additional graphics
    outputs. When enabling the integrated UMA graphics controller, system memory
    will be reallocated.

    If you were case (1), then you should be seeing something on the new Nvidia
    card output. So if you were using an Nvidia based video card, recovery
    should be automatic. The OS would use it's emergency VESA video driver,
    and you should have a 640x480 or 800x600 display on one of the
    Nvidia card outputs.

    If you were case (2), and using an ATI video card, I suspect that means you
    have to get into Windows and install a driver, to see something. If you enable
    SurroundView, it might play a part in building a spanning display output. If
    you didn't enable SurroundView, then you should still be able to use the card.
    It's just, the default video output might still be appearing
    on the Foxconn VGA connector, until you can get a Windows driver
    in place for the new video card installed in the PCI Express slot.
    So ATI video card = not so automatic recovery...

    Setting "Internal Graphics Mode" to [disabled], is an act of faith,
    that there'll be some output on the new video card. I wouldn't
    do that, until the video card driver is installed, and the
    control panel for the graphics looks like it's working as expected.
    If you did disable internal graphics, and lost control of the
    machine, you'd have the option of doing a CMOS reset, as a possible
    recovery mechanism. (If you do want to try that, well, it would
    be a last resort, and *unplug* the computer, before doing it!)

    Paul, Sep 4, 2012
  5. JD

    Paul Guest

    You know, looking at that text again, the section (2) almost seems
    to be implying that installing the video card, is disabling the
    motherboard graphics. And enabling SurroundView then allows
    both to be operated at the same time.

    So maybe it should have worked in either case, to give an output
    on the new graphics card.

    At least the text in section (1) seems to be saying, if you use
    an Nvidia card, we can be assured the motherboard graphics
    are turned off.

    Paul, Sep 4, 2012
  6. JD

    JD Guest

    Thanks again Paul for your efforts.

    Unfortunately I am dead tired at present and I need some local help.
    Many months back I had a very difficult time with another computer and
    you helped me then too. However, I failed to get it, and the Advent,
    running and I will look for someone locally to do the necessary work.

    I will try to collect some information on both computers.

    Back soon :)
    JD, Sep 4, 2012
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