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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Todd Cary, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Todd Cary

    Todd Cary Guest

    I created a process for one of my clients that takes a directory of jpg
    images and automatically places them on their Web server. Though most
    of the application deals with the internal processing and cataloging of
    the images, there is the part that automatically creates the HTML pages
    and FTP's the images to the server.

    I removed the resizing and HTML creation from the application and use it
    for my own display of images for my Rotary club and other community
    organizations. My client's version creates dynamic pages; that is pages
    requiring a database and PHP. However, my personal version just
    requires that I have storage Web space on my ISP's server.

    This coding provides a means of quickly placing a folder of pictures on
    a Web page server by doing a couple of clicks without knowing very much
    about image resizing or HTML. My question (since I am somewhat isolated
    from commercial products) is if there are already Shareware/Freeware
    products available. If not, I am willing to package what I have written
    and make it available as Freeware.

    Thank you....

    Todd Cary
    Ariste Software
    Todd Cary, Jan 15, 2005
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  2. Todd Cary

    paul Guest

    Yes there are other free programs like this, there's at least a couple
    at which are pretty advanced aimed at letting you upload
    from the web & have them resized and using login for registered users,
    etc. I wrote one for myself using PHP without a database & without the
    resizing. I just use nested folders & matching text files for annotation.

    I'd be interested in your resizing routines. I'd be happy to share my
    code as well though I'm pretty much an amateur programmer, it wouldn't
    be too difficult to modify the templates. It's definitely not simple
    enough for someone with no clue about PHP to modify. I think to really
    be useful, it would need to be self installing with thorough
    instructions and a help manual.

    Here is mine:

    The system looks like this:

    title.txt (optional)
    index.txt (optional)

    I set up an interface for creating the annotations when it's run on my
    desktop and for creating shortcut type 'link' files:
    This allows presenting select pictures from larger more boring galleries.

    I suppose the advantage of my simple system is you don't need to pay
    extra for a database with the web hosting. It's pretty simple code too
    without any ability to track sessions or cookies, this makes the links
    pretty large but it's simple. For example:
    paul, Jan 15, 2005
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  3. Todd Cary

    Todd Cary Guest

    I you contact me at , I'll give you access to my
    FTP server so that you can download Resize, my resizing component.

    Todd Cary, Jan 15, 2005
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