Create Shortcut for Docs & Spreadsheets On Desktop?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by undefined.rswanson, May 14, 2007.

  1. I am a new user for "Docs & Spreadsheets". I have no formal technical
    training on how to use a computer. I am a senior citizen who has used
    a computer for 14 years as a business tool. I am just starting to
    learn how to use Google's "Docs & Spreadsheets". I have been using
    Microsoft Works Suite Word. My computer crashed and had to purchase a
    new HP Pavilion that was pre-loaded with Windows XP Home Edition and
    Internet Explorer 7 which worked with Vista but not Windows XP Home.
    Also, a 60-day free trial was included with my new HP. The 60 days has
    expired and now I find out that the new Windows Word Suite erased my
    previous software that worked fine, but to get the new Word Works
    Suite, I have to purchase it for $129.95. I live on Social Security
    and cannot afford to pay for any new software. Thus, I am trying
    Google's "Docs & Spreadsheets". Can someone please tell me how to
    create a shortcut on the desktop. Thanks!
    undefined.rswanson, May 14, 2007
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  2. undefined.rswanson

    meerkat Guest

    Perhaps better to ask your question here...
    meerkat, May 14, 2007
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  3. undefined.rswanson

    WhzzKdd Guest

    I have a much better solution for you. Download and install the FREE
    software called Open Office. It has a file format that is nearly identical
    to the Microsoft Office products. This way, your documents and spreadsheets
    are LOCAL and not stored on someone else's computer.

    What it is:

    Where to get it:

    (I posted the second link because I'm not getting a connection to the first
    one right now.)
    WhzzKdd, May 14, 2007
  4. undefined.rswanson

    Mike Easter Guest

    I haven't used that, I'm just clarifying some other issues, not the
    shortcut business.
    The Works Suite includes Works which has numerous parts including a
    Works word processor, Word which includes a more powerful word processor
    plus some parts specific to Word not Works. Typically a 'free sample'
    of some kind of office product like Word and its parts which is only
    temporary doesn't apply to the Works part, which Works part you get to
    keep and continue to use.
    That part/sentence doesn't make sense. Win XP will run IE7. Vista
    comes with IE7 as a 'feature'. The most common operating system
    included with a new computer purchase today is Vista, but it is still
    possible to buy a computer with XP instead of Vista.
    It is very common for Office related products such as Word to 'take
    over' -- then if they 'die' because they are a temporary or conditional
    application, they don't leave cleanly. The $130 for Word with Works
    isn't actually a bad deal, considering that retail for one of the Office
    suites with Word costs a lot more than that -- not that I'm recommending
    you pay for it, just that MS Office suites which include Word are

    There are freestanding Office applications which have most of the
    features of the MS Office suite and which are free, such as Open Office.
    You may find that you like that better than the google deal - I've used
    Open Office, but I haven't used google's apps.
    Mike Easter, May 14, 2007
  5. undefined.rswanson

    WhzzKdd Guest

    Not all versions of Works included Word as the word processor. And
    currently, there are two versions of Works 8.5 - one without Word, and one
    with it, which is what I would guess the OP was talking about below.
    Like I want my data in the hands of Google. NOT!
    WhzzKdd, May 14, 2007
  6. undefined.rswanson

    Mike Easter Guest

    Correct. 'Regular' Works is a little 'suite' of Works related apps.
    But I think [all I've ever seen] what MS calls 'Works Suite' is the
    Works little 'suite-let' + Word + some other minor parts of MS Office -
    but not the major Office apps except for Word.

    I recently got a good deal at Fry's on a Compaq which came with WinXP +
    Works + 'Try MS Office for 60 days' + a bunch of other MS addons.
    Here's what I'm familiar with at MS: Compare products,
    features and prices. -- Which Works Product is right for you? --
    Microsoft Works 8 - Microsoft Works Suite 2006

    ... which Works comes with all the little Works gizmos and which Suite
    comes with that stuff + Word 2002, Digital Image, Money, Encarta,
    Streets & Trips.

    That Works suite is not too bad a deal, especially if you can avoid
    paying full retail for it. As many things as I don't like about MS, the
    reason that Word is so popular with people who have access to it is that
    it is a good word processor. And some people love Streets & Trips, and
    Encarta is not bad to have around.
    Mike Easter, May 14, 2007
  7. undefined.rswanson

    dfrog Guest


    Some good advice from the others, but from Meerkat's lead you would find
    this answer>>

    "If you are using MS-Internet Explorer this is very easy.
    At the left of the http -address you will find a
    little icon. Drag this to your desktop."

    hope this helps

    dfrog, May 14, 2007
  8. undefined.rswanson

    WhzzKdd Guest

    I don't care much for Word, since I started with Wordstar, then Word
    Perfect, and then Ami Pro (Lotus - now Word Pro). Word is on my PC only for
    compatibility with other people at work <g>

    That Streets and Trips thing was great - I used it a lot myself. I also have
    a similar program from Rand McNally (which is no longer available). But the
    rest of the Works package never gets installed anymore.

    If I /were/ shopping for Works Suite, I'd be on eBay. I've seen it really
    cheap there. Maybe the OP can check that out as well as Open Office.
    WhzzKdd, May 15, 2007
  9. undefined.rswanson

    Gordon Guest

    Then try Open Office - it's free and is easily the equivalent of Office
    get it here:
    Gordon, May 15, 2007
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